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THE five star mission

You can get the HELP you need, the FREEDOM you desire and the EXTRA INCOME you deserve in a WIN-WIN relationship with great, long-term profitable associates.

every success story ON THIS PAGE BEGAN with a phone call.

Dr. noel lloyd

Dr. Noel Lloyd has been a chiropractor for over 50 years, built 10 clinic and developed over 70 successful associates. The founder of Five Star Management and The New Patient Academy, Dr. Lloyd serves the busy successful chiropractor in bringing on associates through The Win Win Associate System.

Dr. George birnbach

For over 24 years I have been building, streamlining, and creating fun, effective, and long-lasting Chiropractic success systems. Whether you are launching your first practice or ready to learn and scale your win-win chiropractic associates, I'm excited to help.

five star success stories

"Five Star has been wonderful. We've grown by over 500% by adding 2 great associates PLUS I've had more free time off to enjoy my success than I had thought possible."

Dr. Steve Jones - Louisville, KY

"Five Star helped us open our practice right out of school. Doing what Noel taught us, we were busy and profitable in the very  first month. In just a couple of years we've added a successful associate, bought our own building, and collected just shy of $1M."

Drs. Pat and Dani Lin - Cedar Park, TX

"The first thing Five Star helped me with was new patients, then hiring and developing my first associate, then my second, third, and fourth. We have experienced 500% growth with Five Star."

Dr. Pat Lowe - Louisville, KY

"Five Star has taken my practice from stagnant and plateaued to constantly bringing in new patients and moving again so we can continue to see new patients. On top of that, I'm  having  fun in practice again. For that I am forever grateful."

Dr. Christy Flick - Plano, TX