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Make Your Clinic the Local Expert

This video will provide you with helpful information on how to become the local chiropractor authority throughout your community! 1) Use this to gain Local Expert Status 2) You will be the trusted expert for local businesses and their referrals 3) Get started from your own laptop.  Be their local expert and let’s get started! Watch the 2-minute video for the TRUE HOW TO :)

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Getting a patient to start a care program should be simple. You have an offer that solves a present frustration for them and you are good at what you do. Why is it difficult then to get every new patient to enthusiastically sign on with your programs? Usually, it is due to one of these simple steps being out of sequence. In this video I lay it all out so you will never lose an opportunity again. Enjoy.

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“You trained me how to train associates. So again, not having to start from scratch or figure it out or have bad relationships, you know, saved me the stress and the money and problems over time. So that’s been great, and we keep getting better and better and better at it.”

- Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, St. Charles, IL

“I had worked really hard but plateaued and hadn’t made any progress for over a year before I joined Five Star. I started to grow immediately. For the first time I had a plan and it was working. I doubled to 200 and then up to 300. That’s where I added an associate and we went to 400 visits a week. Now we’ve hit 600 with a second associate. Plus, I’ve had more time off than I ever could have imagined.”

- Dr. Steve Jones, Louisville, KY

“I started with Five Star as an associate and learned how to market and build my practice. I grew to over 250 visits a week, had fun, and made great money! That launch with Five Star gave me an opportunity to partner with my clinic director. Today our clinics sees over 580 visits a week and we are training 2 new associates in the Five Star system.”

- Dr. Jason Raesz, Temple, TX

“When we contacted Five Star, I was seeing a few patients out of space rented in another practice. Today, my husband Philip and I use Noel’s associate training. It has allowed us to build 2 profitable clinics, develop wonderful associates and we can take time to enjoy our family and do best ever numbers.”

- Dr. Natalie Cordova, Houston, TX

“Our practice had plateaued, we were frustrated and knew we could do better, but didn’t know how. I’d read Noel’s articles, loved what I read and made arrangements to attend a Five Star seminar. In the last few years with Five Star we’ve more than doubled our patient visits, collections and income by using Noel’s Win-Win Associate System. I can honestly say I love practice more today than I ever have.”

- Dr. Brian Morris, Painesville, OH

How Associate-­Ready is Your Practice?

This 26-­point Associate Analyzer can help you see where the problem areas are and what you can do about it- Download Yours Free Today