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Your Three Sentence CULTURE Test

Your Three Sentence CULTURE Test


Hey, everyone, I’m Dr. George Birnbach, and I believe that knowing why your practice exists is equally essential to knowing what your practice or your technique does. Yet, many practices and practitioners don’t take the time to really understand their why.

Knowing your why can be a challenge. It is not something that you are taught in chiropractic school, and it requires us to go deeper into your own thoughts. I believe people have an enate desire to belong, contribute, and make a difference, and this is even more true for younger generations. They wanna be part of something that matters.

Helping patients matters, but helping patients so they return to a complete life that they value matters more.

Try this three-minute exercise.

First, take one minute and write down what your practice does in one sentence. Don’t overthink it. Don’t worry about the wording, just write it down.

Then take a second minute to write down how you do it in one sentence. Again, no overthinking. Now, take a third minute and write down why you think your practice exists. If you don’t know why it exists, write down, why do I work there? You can perform this drill with your team, and it is powerful for team bonding.

Oftentimes, our personal why and the practice’s why are linked, because we are usually dealing with practice owners. But when helping chiropractors build a thriving culture, this is where we have to start, not with making up the why but uncovering your why. The benefits of this work are simple. You get to have congruence. A practice that is in alignment has a more effective and committed team around it. It has a more loyal patient base. The patients get to believe that they belong to something.

Congruence is the critical ingredient in building a business with a thriving culture. Now, Simon Sinek, right? He said, “People don’t buy what you do. “They buy why you do it.”

So let’s follow this model. Take the next few days and observe your practice and the businesses you see around you.

We guarantee you that the ones that resonate with you have the most why element displayed prominently in their messaging and their actions. So take this, and do this three-minute drill, and come up with three sentences. You’re going to build a better team and a better practice.

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