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Yes, Marketing Still Works, But it Needs to be Focused.

Yes, Marketing Still Works, But it Needs to be Focused.


Hey everyone, good mornin’. It’s Dr. George Birnbach, and I was talkin’ to a few people the other day about marketing, and they were small business owners and they said, “Marketing’s hard right now, “marketing’s tough right now.” And they said, “Marketing’s not working,” and I said of course marketing is working, how do you think you got into this room? You knew it was available, you knew it was gonna solve a frustration for you, and most importantly you knew you wanted to experience what they were offering if you got off your couch into your car and drove over here. And we started talking about it and I said look, I work with people in marketing and people are having great years in business, but they have to understand that marketing still works but it has to be more focused.

And that got me thinking and it got me reading. Now this conversation went on for a little while, and the wonderful thing about it is these guys I was speaking to who I had no relationship with were listening, they started taking some notes and they actually bought me lunch. And they said thank you, and it was very interesting because they just didn’t understand how to slow down what they were doing and focus on the one thing, the one very specific outcome that they were trying to do. So, whenever you want extreme levels of motivation and flow in your mind, you need a few key ingredients. Number one is a clear and compelling future, right? You have to have a good vision of where you’re going. One very specific outcome you’re trying to achieve, right? Not a shotgun approach, what is one thing we’re goin’ for on this project, you see? That is a very specific outcome. So you need a clear and compelling future, you need a very specific outcome.

Generality is an enemy of art, right? And thus, specificity is the keystone to art, right? It has to have one specific outcome it’s going for. Full out acceptance that what you want is already available to you. And four, you’ve gotta make trade-offs, get rid of lesser goals, even if they’re exciting opportunities, to stay focused on the one outcome you’re driving for, all right? So marketing still works but it does have to get more focus. You need these four things in your life.

You need a clear and compelling future, you need one very specific outcome you’re going for on that idea. It could be, I want $1 million in the bank, it could be I want a leverage system that I can turn on and get a new patient. One very specific target for each project. Then you need full out acceptance that the world is aligning for you to give you what you want in an ethical and honest wonderful way, and then you need to trade off lesser goals even if they’re more exciting right now. All right, that’s what I wanna tell you this morning. My name’s George Birnbach, I’ll talk to you all real soon, bye-bye.

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