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Rotten Weather Creates Time for Projects

Rotten Weather Creates Time for Projects

Losing a practice day to snow (or other crazy weather) can be frustrating for you and frightening for your patients. This year’s winter has been the worst in over 100 years in many Midwest and Eastern states. And there’s one thing my 42 years in practice has taught me – you can’t do anything about the weather. HOWEVER, you can do something with the downtime it creates in the office. “FINALLY! Time to do this stuff!”

DC “I’d like to be busy!”
“I’m worried about my patients.”
“I’m not making any income.”
Patient “I hurt. I wish I could see my chiropractor!”
“I wonder how I’m really doing, anyway.”
“Maybe I can get by without chiropractic.”

Whatever the questions or comments from doctors and patients alike, snow days are not fun. But you can make a productive day out of what may seem to be a total bust if you use the time correctly. Remember the last time you wished you had just a little more time to spend on a project or a special promotion in the clinic? Well, now you’ve got it, possibly the whole day. The following are some suggestions for the doctor who is concerned about the health of his/her patients and practice alike.

Calling Active Treating Patients:  They’re at home and they have six inches of snow (or a foot of water) in the driveway and a gnawing pain that is almost forcing them to walk into the office from 30 miles away. What can you do for them? Call ’em.

DC “Hello, Al, this is Dr. Lloyd. I can see that the weather isn’t going to allow us to get together today and I wanted to check up on you. How are you doing? Hmmm, that bad, huh? Have you been icing it like I told you to?” (Go on to do a special home instruction session and mark it on the card.)
  “Okay, Al. If it gets too bad before you can get in here, please call me immediately. If I can’t see you soon, I’ll call again. Nice to talk to you. Bye.”

Post Cards for Inactive Patients:  There it was in black and white, “WRITE THREE POST CARDS TO INACTIVE PATIENTS PER DAY.” Well, the nearest I can figure, I’m about 434 days behind on that one, so I will do some serious catching up on a snow day. Here goes:

Dear Rene,

I hope this card finds you well and healthy. It has been a long time since I have checked your spine, and knowing your spine like I do, that concerns me. If you are feeling great, we still should do a preventative check-up. If you aren’t feeling great, get in touch with me immediately. I’d like to change that.


Noel G. Lloyd, DC

Calling Inactive Patients:  There are people who have treated with you over the years who have been very satisfied with your care and chiropractic in general, but for one reason or another they are not on a maintenance program. Why don’t you give these people a nice friendly call and ask them how they are? Let’s listen in on this call:

DC “Hi, is Art there? Hello, Art, this is Dr. Lloyd, your chiropractor. How are you doing?”

 Calling Active “Misser” Patients:  It hit you like a fly bite, “Where did Earl disappear to?” You had been treating him for almost 3 weeks when suddenly you realize that he’s gone. You walk up front to the treatment cards and pull his card out for review. “Hmm, it’s been 8 days since I’ve seen him and I know that he’s not doing well. At least he wasn’t when I saw him last. I’m going to give this man a call.”

DC “Hello. May I speak to Earl, please? This is his chiropractor calling.”
  “Hi, Earl, this is Dr. Lloyd. How are you doing? I got worried about you so I decided to call you.”
Patient “Not so bad, Doc.” (He goes on to explain his absence.)
DC “I understand, Earl. But I’m still concerned about your (condition).” (You go on to explain why he needs to follow through on his care.) “As soon as this snow clears I want to see you.”

Thank You Notes:  Thanks is the language of faith, confidence and plenty. People who have, trust and enjoy much are thankful people. So when you express thanks, you affirm a plentiful life. It’s amazing how “those who have much, more shall be given onto them.” With this in mind I challenge you to ask yourself what you would like to have more of and then start thanking God and people for that very thing, even if it’s in short supply now.

Patient Referral Thank You

Dear Jim,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being such a fan of chiropractic and referring so many nice people in to see me. Your confidence in chiropractic and me is appreciated.


Noel G. Lloyd, DC

General Thank You

Dear Anne,

Just a short note to thank you for taking such great care of my car loan. I really appreciated how you took care of the details and made me feel welcome. Thanks again for your kindness.


Noel G. Lloyd, DC

Use your imagination. Remember, thankfulness is first a choice which can become a habit.

Insurance Reports: The loudest thing in a backed up practice is the screaming paperwork. Just do it. When it’s finished you open a psychic door to new patients.

Operation Clean Desk: Organization is the sign that you are prepared for production. A person who is really productive has an organized mind and lets their desk know about it.




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