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Worried About Chiropractic?

Worried About Chiropractic?


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and I’m at Parker University in Dallas, TX for the Parker seminar and this is the largest Parker seminar in Dallas in over 2 decades! There’s about two thousand people here.

Now, last night we gathered together with some Parker students and had dinner. I was there with Dr. Natalie Cordova and Dr. Patrick Lowe and their assistants and we had these great students that we were talking to. It was so encouraging to speak to these young men and young women who are going to be practicing chiropractors within the year.

Now, I came to Parker this morning for the start of the seminar, had a chance to hear Dr. Morgan speak. I’m so excited and feel optimistic about the chiropractic profession after listening to his remarks; a true visionary. A really, really smart guy. Talked to the students last night and they absolutely love Dr. Morgan.

Candidly, I asked the students “how do you feel about your experience at Parker?” They absolutely love the school!

Last quarter, Parker started 208 brand new students. One of the largest classes that they’ve ever brought in and I just think that the future of chiropractic is so exciting and so wonderful. I get asked that frequently when I do video blogs for some people, and they say, “Well what do you think about the future about chiropractic? Are you worried?” I’m not worried.

Now, one of the things that I see is I see the inside of Five Star Management. I see the people that are helping more people, having more fun, and making more money. I get really encouraged and excited about that.

When I came down here, I honestly didn’t know what I’d find but after last night with the students and after today on the compass, meeting people and meeting a great group of tri-five students about how they are so excited to be chiropractors, I just felt great.

I used to come to Parker back in the day. I’ve been to over 60+ Parker seminars over a period of time. I remember when Jimmy Parker initially asked us, the Parker speakers, if we’d like to contribute to Parker University. I became what was called a pioneer partner.

I want to encourage you, you chiropractors, to support your alma mater. Now if you don’t have an alma mater that you feel you can support, I’d ask you to support Parker Chiropractic College. Not long ago, I was in a room, there were two chiropractic colleges, Lifewest great school and Sherman, and their presidents were there and we had an opportunity to sign up as contributors. I made donations, in fact I’m making a monthly donation to both of those colleges, and I’m going to start supporting financially Parker College as well.

Now, I also want to make a pitch for getting to a Parker seminar. It’s so wonderful. We can do so much online and I think online stuff is just great, but when you gather together the brothers and the sisters inside chiropractic and you encourage each other and you hear great speakers.

We heard Larry Winget, now he’s not a chiropractor, he’s a self-help guy, a no nonsense guy, he was just absolutely wonderful and so exciting. You’re sitting there with other chiropractors and you have this great experience, there’s nothing like a live training.

There’s the tent where they have all the exhibitors. I get a chance to go to some other classes tonight, I get a chance to pick and choose the best ones, but I just love it when we get together in our live trainings. That’s my thought and I think the cherry on top of my thought is that the chiropractic profession is alive and well and healthy. We need good men and women to be the best chiropractors that they can be.

Talk to you guys later, buh bye.

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