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Real Win-Win

Real Win-Win

A few years ago I interviewed a nice young man who needed a job as an associate. In the process of the interview I explained that I hire chiropractors and then build a practice around them while I develop their skills in the practice. I also told him that if he worked hard and qualified, he could end up owning that practice and that I had done that many times before.

Even though he liked the concept, I’m certain his primary motive for taking the position was he needed a job and a paycheck. By the way, both are very honorable reasons to accept a job.

From day one we set off to build both the practice and the doctor. We worked on marketing for new patients, setting up quality care plans with financial plans for retention and dealing with each problem as it came up.

We met each Monday night for mentoring and training. Before long, the practice was booming and it wasn’t too much longer that my associate wanted to discuss the details of how he would go from employee to owner. I did that and more – I showed him the profit and loss statements. That REALLY got his interest up.

There was a lot of hard work for both of us, but too many wins to count. As an associate he was making the best money he’d ever made, met a wonderful woman, got married and now they have a beautiful baby girl.

Each step of the way, he and I would talk about how to get from where we were to where we both wanted to go – an excellent win-win relationship.

This is a picture of Paul at the attorney’s office signing his check for the practice purchase. A couple days later I through a small party with current and past employees who had been with him on his journey. We congratulated him and toasted his success with champagne. Here’s one of my toasts from that night;

“Here’s to helping a lot of people, having a lot of fun and being successful!”

You’re a great chiropractor, Paul. As Reggie would say “Give ’em heatlh!”

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