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Win Win Associate Success Story

Win Win Associate Success Story


Dr. Jamie Cramer: Good morning

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So tell me what your name is please?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Jamie Cramer.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And Dr. Jamie Cramer you practice where?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: In Troy, Michigan.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: In Troy, Michigan. Now, you’ve been a Five Star Management client for how long?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: I think around 3 years.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: About 3 years now.

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay. Why did you join Five Star, number one, and then number two what changes have happened in your office since then?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Well, I actually joined Five Star because I already had a pretty busy practice as a single doctor and I wanted to expand our family and have a baby, and my first baby was the practice. I wasn’t sure how I was going to walk away from my first baby to have our first real baby for our family. I wanted to have an associate and look at bringing another doctor into the clinic. I wasn’t sure how to do that and do it successfully, so I sought out your help Dr. Lloyd to figure out how to navigate that and how to create freedom, how to help more people, and also to make sure I could go away and step aside to have my baby.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, what happened?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: I found our first Dr. Dabrowny and she joined the team. She covered my 3 ½ month maternity leave, which was bonkers awesome. It worked really well for us and then she grew into her role and started developing her practice within our practice and we’ve added a second associate doctor this year as well. So in the 3 years since I’ve joined Five Star, I’ve gone from being the single doc to now having 2 associate chiropractors.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now, some people get associates and they pay the extra money and they know that’s just what they have to do in order to get the freedom to have the baby and all that. How did that work for you financially?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Oh it worked very well. Not only has that offered freedom and not only have we been able to introduce two other chiropractors into a great system for them to shine, which was really important to have that win-win relationship, but it has definitely increased our collections. This year over last year we’re up $200K in collections.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I almost brushed over that. This year over last, in your third year with Five Star, it’s up an additional $200K dollars.

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Correct, collected not charged.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: That’s great! And then your maternity leave, you were out of the practice I think you said 3 ½ months, that’s 14 weeks?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Mmhmm.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, a strong practitioner outside of her office with an associate replacing, how did that go?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Well, it actually went really well because that year we were 1% under in collections what we were the year before all by myself.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, a record year, 1% year less, and out 14 weeks?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Correct.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: K. Now, I know a couple of the different things you’ve done which I think are so interesting. When you go away with us to one of our Galaxy events, your team does a special thing in your absence. Would you tell the people watching this or tell me what they do and one of the special records that they reached.

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Well, we’ve done it twice with the records in our absence. It’s really fun because we get the whole team really rallied around the records in your absence. The first year we were in Maui I believe and the office did a new patient record while I was gone.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I want to make sure that I understand. So best ever, new patients…

Dr. Jamie Cramer: In a week!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: In a week, while you were out of the office?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: In Maui!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: In Maui, yeah. Well that’s kind of a win-win isn’t it?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: With my whole family and my mom and my mother-in-law as well.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Well that sounds so great! So how did your team feel about that?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: They felt charged up. They were so proud, they were so excited and then the next year when we went to Punta Cana with my family, same group of people, they did an event. We have a COA in the office and the COA, we were in transition hiring a new COA, so we didn’t want to lose the marketing events on our calendar. So, we picked the event of how to book the most number of marketing events in a week. They booked 17 that week, while I was away.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So where did you learn the concepts and the steps to break a record when you’re out of the office?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Well from you, from you Dr. Lloyd and it’s been really incredible. My mind has shifted around, just in general practice. Not feeling that I’m trapped or I can’t take time away or feeling that I have to be there to make it always run. It always runs better when you’re there, I want to make that really clear, but it’s nice to know that there’s systems and ways to, that you can be away, I guess is the big thing. Everything’s still clicking, everybody’s still doing a great job, and patients are being served. It doesn’t have to shut down when you’re not there.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now, I know that when you and I started, you were already a very, very successful chiropractor, but I think successful chiropractors want help just the way they need it from an associate. They want freedom to enjoy their success and they’d like to be able to make the extra money that two or three doctors under the same roof should provide. Would you speak to those three things? The help the way you need it, Five Star training has it helped you with your associate?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I would do an associate without the Five Star training. Not only the training that you get when we go to the seminar style of that, but it’s the bi-monthly talks around the associate. The cleaning up, how to communicate, and how to help them shine and we all win.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Right, right. And then there’s the freedom part. 14 weeks is a long time, that’s absolutely great to do as well as you did, but are you getting more family vacation time now that your family is…?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Yeah, absolutely! We do take more time away; I take more time away from the clinic. I was even away speaking at Palmer a few weeks ago and it just felt great to go back and talk to some more prospective students and do some training that way. It offers the freedom of flexibility to not only do vacations, but just to go and enhance already what we’re doing.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And you already mentioned that you’re going to collect an extra $200K dollars. Now that means the overall clinic is growing, but your profits are still continuing to hold real nicely then?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Oh absolutely. Absolutely.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: What would you say to somebody who’s thinking about Five Star? The busy, successful chiropractor who’s worried about associates, concerned about some of the things we’ve talked about, what would you say to them?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Definitely come check it out. It was a no-brainer for me. I actually signed up before ever coming to a conference, but I had a strong, personal referral from someone within Five Star and if anybody had any questions that see’s this video they can personally reach out to me. I’d be happy to talk to them.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now, you’ve sent some of your friends to me, in fact Dr. Anna Saylor and she became a client too. How did that work out for her?

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Huge! It changed her practice of understanding the money, having better control of things, and it’s really fun when you get your friends to join as well because it’s always a meet up time because everybody’s busy.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: It’s a party. Well, I’m thrilled withy our success. I’m impressed with it. Five Star’s had a big piece, but you know you were a diamond when I found you, it’s just that you shine a little bit brighter now.

Dr. Jamie Cramer: Well, thank you!


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