Win-Win Associate Development

LIVE TRAINING - Atlanta, November 21 & 22

Win-Win Associate


The No Stress way to attract the right Associates AND have them up and running,producing between $20,000 and $40,000 a month for your practice in as little as six months.

(AND how to ensure they will stay with you for years, look after your patients in a way that makes you proud, and be your ideal option for selling your practice, if you ever want to).


Places Are Limited & Going Fast

Live 2-day Seminar


Attend for JUST $197 per person


Your Win - Win Associate Development 

training Includes:

$6000 VALUE



Two Employment Contracts (each a $2,000 plus value).


Sample Business Plan ($1,000 value).



Here you get direct access ot my 40+ years experience successfully developing literally dozens of top-notch, profitable associates. Using my surefire method, I have already successfully opened 10 profitable offices - all 10 have already sold for cash. AND this isn't ancient history, I'm still opening them today!


You get a complete step-by-step System for attracting, keeping and developing your ideal Associate. Including contact information for all Chiropractic Colleges, employment contracts, Associate Training Manual (Priceless!) and a management Template to Effectively Manage Your Associates.

  • The secret to attracting, interviewing and hiring motivated Associates
  • The key to designing “Win-Win” contracts that protect you and your Associate
  • How to develop Associates who market for and bring in their own new patients
  • Easily get your Associates to 200-plus visits a week
  • How to avoid the hidden mistakes that can destroy even great associates

When you know the Win-Win Associate Development System, you can:

Explode the growth of your practice Rest assured in the knowledge your Associates are looking after your patients the way you like FINALLY be able to take a holiday that is longer than a 4-Day Weekend! And even expand by opening new practices.

Because now you know how to find, keep and develop the right people to help you grow.

DR. NOEL LLOYD - Founder Of Five Star Management

We’ve helped thousands of doctors over the past 28 years grow their practices and their profits by harnessing the power of Win-Win Associate relationships, using this tried and tested step-by-step system...

Five Star helped us add two Associates and Grow into a Thriving Million-Dollar Practice

“We’ve been Five Star Management clients for one year and one of the biggest things we’ve done in our first year is hire an Associate.

After previously having a bad experience hiring an Associate, we were wary, however, Five Star’s Associate Program just made everything so easy.

It was just amazing. It covered everything from A to Z as far as procedures, how to make it a win-win relationship and how to have an associate be an addition to, rather than a drain on, our practice.

Five Star really walked us through every step of the process – the hiring, the training, the compensation, even the contract. They really helped us to dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” and we felt really comfortable with the whole process.

The Five Star training kept our Associate on track and it made our job very easy because he knew what was expected of him every step of the way.


Within just 4 to 6 weeks we’d broken even on our Associate and he’s gone from strength to strength… and next month he will even reach bonus.

Things are going so well we were even able to take a vacation. In the past it had always been a disaster when we went away with the office calling us and things going wrong. This time things went so smoothly while we were away in June, we decided to take another week vacation in July!

Now we are working on adding another new Associate.

Five Star has really been incredible.

I Started as an Associate and Became a Million Dollar Practice Owner

When I first started out as an Associate, my initial practice experience was disappointing, to say the least.

But then, I was fortunate enough to associate with a Five Star client, Dr. Larry Montgomery. He had taken Dr. Lloyd’s Win-Win Associate training prior to hiring me and he was a fantastic mentor.

We worked the Five Star program hard and it enabled me to grow a strong and stable practice in no time.


I Got My Associate, Had My Baby, Took My Maternity Leave, And My Practice Actually Grew!

“I had a great practice as a solo doctor and I loved it, but felt there was something missing. The most important thing was I wanted to have children and I felt I couldn't take time away from the clinic.

How was I ever going to be pregnant, have a baby, and take maternity leave? How was I going to balance family life and practice? I love chiropractic and I love my family and I wanted to have kids, so how do I do both?

So I called Noel and we did a strategy session where he outlined how he'd help me. I had also heard good things about Noel and Five Star from a good friend as well as other Five Star clients.

I'd coached with two other management companies at that point, but they weren't able to provide associates. And I knew Noel was the guru when it came to associates, and I really wanted to use his Win-Win Associate model. I was actually an associate and it didn't work out the best.

Because of what I learned from Five Star, I got my associate, had my baby, took my maternity leave, and my practice actually grew - even with me out for over 12 weeks. Then I did it again! Thank you Noel and Five Star.”


The Win-Win Associate Development System is For You If You Want To...

  • Explode your already successful practice to the next level
  • Lead multiple associates and enjoy working with other super sharp doctors
  • Expand by opening other clinics with strong, trustworthy associates (Yes, it IS being done TODAY using my proven system!)
  • Serve thousands more patients through associate doctors
  • Develop an associate who wants to (and is able to!) buy you out for cash AND, continue to serve your patients in a way that will make you proud
  • Get your life back! Finally be able to relax a little, take a holiday, spend more time with family now that the whole practice is not sitting on your shoulders


When you attend you'll receive these all-important bonuses valued $6000:


Two Employment Contracts (each a $2,000 plus value).


Sample Business Plan ($1,000 value).


Places Are Limited & Going Fast


Live 2-day Seminar plus all the supporting notes and materials you need to grow

your practice substantially in the next 90 days.

You and Your Team Attend for JUST $197 per person!

2-day Live Seminar

Here you get direct access to my 40+ years experience successfully operating 10 profitable offices – all 10 have already sold for cash. AND this isn’t ancient history, I’m still opening them today!

Over 138 Pages Of Notes And Materials

The Five Star notes are the best in the business. You will be able to recreate our procedures from the full set of notes and training you’ll receive.

Opportunity To Meet With Me Or Dr. Birnbach

This is your chance to discuss your personal practice with myself or Dr. Birnbach (worth the cost of thetraining alone).

SAT - SUN, NOV 21 & 22, The Atlanta Marriott NW at the Galleria


You get at least 10 times

your money’s worth!

This material is worth hundreds or thousands of times your investment and I mean thousands. When you learn the exact three outcomes that you need to achieve on a regular basis and learn how to regularly achieve them, your practice will grow exponentially. We’ve seen clients grow by $100,000.00 per year, year after year.