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Why You’re Surviving Your Problems vs. Finding Real Solutions.

Why You’re Surviving Your Problems vs. Finding Real Solutions.


Hey everybody, this is Dr. George Birnbach and, I wish someone had told me that you’re not supposed to face the same problems, fears and challenges, over and over each and every week of each and every month.

When you do the real work of adjusting your behavior and reconditioning your mindset, you can move from old problems to new solutions. And those old problems, don’t linger, when you rectify them at the root. Well, if you’re anything like me, your journey and management and leadership and growth, oftentimes feels unending. But each time you’re confronted with another staff problem, new patient puzzle or a patient issue, we can start to think, okay, here we go again, and we jump back into the normal thoughts spirals, and we assume that, maybe it’s our systems that, are the problem, or staff person is the problem, and we follow that same thought process, because it got us out of that situation before it got us over these familiar circumstances, these feelings or these blocks, right. It worked before, it can work again.

Well, this method, can get you back on a straight path. But real growth is to transform, what is happening into what it could be. Instead of playing the same old juggling, let’s look at each instance as a queue for introspection and change. And doing this, for the first time, is a little difficult. You need to recognize patterns, limiting thoughts structures, and become at least somewhat conscious of how you do and don’t want these problems to play out long term. You have to start aiming for something more long lasting, than a momentary healing of the stress. We have to aim for real growth, and growth happens when you look yourself in the eye, and you commit to changing your behavior. Not for a little while, not until the conditions change, but forever and forever is a long, long time. It’s what happens when you take full and complete responsibility for your life. It’s what happens when something in you is shaken awake, and you begin to realize that those self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, reactions, are what’s actually holding you back from solving things long term. And nothing will fix that other than that introspection. You can either go backward or you can go forward, there’s a distinct difference, between survival and growth, although they’re often conflated.

Most of us spend our lives, surviving, and very little time truly growing. So what’s the best measurement of growth? Perspective change. So how do you achieve perspective change? That’s done through skill set development. And when you have a new patient problem, what skill if you had it, would eliminate, that specific new patient problem, forever. Networking, persuasion, organization, those are all related skills but very different skills. But if you have the skill you need, you no longer fear using that skill to eliminate that new patient problem. Do you have a staff or a team problem? What skill if have you had it, will eliminate the issue that you have forever? Boundaries, hiring, firing, training, checking on people.
Here’s the challenge, one recurring stress, match to one new skill over the course of one week. Let’s get real, tangible, measurable growth, for you in the next seven days. You don’t need more people enabling you back into the same old circumstances. You want to be free from today. You need to rise up, and you can either go backward or forward but there is absolutely no, staying still. As Flannery O’Connor, the author, that great short story author, put it, you will eventually face a moment of grace. The point at which, you’re left to decide whether you will take action to transcend your circumstances or succumb to them, once again. And quite honestly, the choice is yours.

Choose one problem that’s on your mind right now and write it down. What is one skill, that if you had it, could eliminate, your emotional attachment to that problem, forever. And let’s get that skill, through book, through phone call, or through communication. Let’s get that one skill this week. All right?

One stress, one skill, one week, life changes forever. My name is Dr. George Birnbach. I hope you like the information.
Give me your comment, tell me the skill you want to develop. We’ll get you the information for it.

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