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Why Some Never Get Stuck

Why Some Never Get Stuck


Hey have you ever wondered how some people got so good at chiropractic marketing and their practice continues to grow and they can add associates to their practice and the associates get super busy and really good at marketing? This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star management and in this short video I’m going to explain how they do it.

I’m in my hotel suite here in Chicago at The Hyatt getting ready to teach Too Many New Patients. It’s a live training that we do that I absolutely love to do because of the impact that is has on peoples lives.

Now one of the things that doctors tell me is that when they get really, really busy all the marketing that they had been doing kind of gets pushed to the back burner and then falls off the stove completely. The practice crashes and then they have to go through what I call the chiropractic marketing roller coaster to accomplish that all over again.

This is my great tip that so many people use and that I use myself in order to not get at that level of being stuck. When you’re learning marketing, think of it as something that you’re going to be training somebody else to do someday.

Everything you do for marketing, any external any internal. Internal marketing that you’re going to be training somebody else to do that. External marketing that you’re going to train somebody else to do that because, I’m going to promise you, if you get good at chiropractic marketing, your practice is going to get so big that the time you used to have to market is just going to get pushed to the back burner and then fall off the stove all together.

So here’s what I mean by this. I would take CAs with me to events, like external events like screening or massage events or lunch and learns, and I would teach them how to do those events themselves. We then developed the position that we call the COA, the community outreach assistant.

When I would go on an event, I would bring my associate with me and I would teach them to do exactly what I was doing. If I am framing everything I’m learning as something that I will eventually teach, share responsibility, share obligation, delegate, manage, watch over that position, I can get an absolutely great result from an external marketer and my associates will know how to produce new patients as well.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for your marketing growing past the point that it’s just you so that you can teach other people how to go out and get new patients and how to share the chiropractic story.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd, I’ll talk to you later. Buh bye.

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