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Why I’m Giving Away My Secrets

Why I’m Giving Away My Secrets

Top SecretI love my work as a chiropractic coach, in part, because of the built-in study of motivation – what drives people and how they move to grasp what they want or what holds them back. It’s always interesting and sometimes strange.

I’ve met clients who were days away from practice failure, who had resisted coaching until every possible alternative was exhausted. These doctors took help as if it were poison AND even though it proved to be their savior, still hated taking advice of any kind.

I’ve also worked with doctors who were wonderfully successful before I met them who wanted to add my expertise to theirs. I love watching them laugh with delight at discovering how helpful my insights can be.

I’ve seen motivation run high, run low and run out altogether. I’ve learned that motivation is like a fire in that it can start with a spark at the right place and time. And even when your motivation is an exploding white hot inferno, you’re smart to look for new fuel sources before you actually need them.

I’ve learned that winning makes motivation more enjoyable, but the truly successful don’t need near term wins to keep pushing.

So what started me thinking about motivation? And why do I think it’s worthy of blog space? Because I’m motivated to give away one of my practice secrets and a product that has made tens of thousands of dollars. And I mean give it away, no strings attached – for free. Why?

I’m actually afraid (motive) that this secret is too important to keep a secret. I’m afraid of not getting what I’ve discovered out to the doctors who will use it.

In my study of motivation I’m noticing a new source of motivation for me – a fear that I won’t get my secrets out in my lifetime. Does that make sense?

This morning I received the shortest of emails from friend and former client, Dr. Terry Gibson, who saw what I was giving away. “Excellent job, Noel!”

Just those three words of encouragement tell me I’m on the right path and make my motivation even stronger.

NOW, are you motivated to find out what I’m giving away? Hopefully you are and will click on the link below and share it with your friends. Here’s to your success!

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