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What is COCSA?

What is COCSA?


Hey docs it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here and I’m in Austin, TX at the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, COCSA for short.

Here’s where all the state associations, executive directors. Now the executive directors, as you probably know, are the administrative leads or heads that head up your state association. They do the business part. It’s an extremely demanding job, depending of the size of the state, and also the presidents. That would be the chiropractors who are the president of your state association. Then usually the coming in president, in other words the person who will be the president the next year and frequently the secretary so all these wonderful, successful chiropractors.

Now listen to this. I’m talking to this guy at my booth and he says, “What is it that you do?” I said, “I help successful chiropractors who are about as busy as they can be bring in an associate so that they can have a tremendous experience in the clinic and they can get the freedom that they’re looking for and they can make some extra income.” He says, “Hmm let me talk to you about that.”

It turned out that he was a successful chiropractor and he was at maximum capacity. As a young chiropractor had a bad experience as an associate, didn’t see how doing associates correctly was even possible. So I said, “Well, you should come and hear me speak because I’m going to speak about win-win associates.”

So he came, sat in the front row. After I got done speaking talking about the new paradigm about hiring the right person and about making sure that we did the associate launch correctly, he said, “I’ll tell you what. I want to do one of your seminars.” He’s going to attend one of my seminars here in Dallas that I’m going to do with Win-Win Associate Development.

With a successful chiropractor who has the busy, busy practice, one of the most important things that you can do is disciple or mentor or apprentice or associate your success in another chiropractor under your roof. When you do that you get the help that you need, you get the freedom that you’d like and you also get the extra income that you deserve.

Now, I love it. I love meeting all these successful chiropractors because it seems like successful chiropractors end up serving in their state because they have this sense of duty to the profession that has been so very, very good to them and very good to their friends and their patients.

I’ll talk to you guys later, buh bye.

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