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What plays in Vegas can change your life…

What plays in Vegas can change your life…

I like Vegas, but not for the usual or obvious reasons. There are better hotels, better entertainment for my money and better food in a number of other cities. Given a chance to visit any city, I’d go to quite a few before Vegas.

However, all but one of the 30+ times I’ve visited Vegas it’s been for chiropractic. And with very few exceptions, each Vegas trip has this scene: I’m sitting at a dinner table with wonderful men and women from all over the world who truly love chiropractic as much as I do. The conversation is interesting and animated. There’s an excitement about what’s happening in our practices and our lives. There’s a unity of purpose and commitment, but the glue is chiropractic.

On this last trip to Vegas we were there for a Five Star seminar – our largest ever in the 25 years we’ve done business. We have grown 30% in the last 20 months and an overwhelming majority of our clients are doing their best ever in practice – the new practices and the 30+ year veterans.

On Saturday night after the seminar we re-enacted that same dinner scene. There were ten of us around a the table at Bouchon. It was Matt Little’s birthday so there was an extra celebration. He and his wife, Dr. Alanna Jarrott came all the way from Scotland, Dr. Paul Irvine came all the way from London, Dr. Pat Lowe from Louisville, Dr. Liz Hackleman from Eastern Kansas, Dr. Nick Cambouris from Eastern Ohio, Dr. John Goff from San Antonio, Jenny Crosby from St. Louis and Dr. George Birnbach from Seattle.

Since I coach each one, I knew every story around the table. I know their desire to do, have and be better. I know their strengths and some of their weaknesses. But most of all, I know that each one loves chiropractic and does a damn fine job. I didn’t think of this at the time, but I don’t take clients I don’t genuinely like. It’s a good rule and makes my work a lot more fun.

When the time was right, I raised my glass as I called for a toast. I explained that I owe so much to chiropractic and I’m grateful. “Here’s to chiropractic and here’s to you!’ Our glasses clinked as we exchanged smiles and affirmative nods. I think it’s always special because we are in the battle. If we weren’t pushing and working hard, it would be different.

Lord, I am grateful. We have been given much – may we live worthy of the calling. Thank you, Lord.

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