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What I Learned From Oprah

What I Learned From Oprah

Oprah had a group of very heavy women on her program. The subject was the heartbreak of diets that don’t work. It could have just as easily been men, but men don’t always care about the weight and hey, this is Oprah.

 Each of the women had lost 100-plus pounds only to gain at least that much back again. They didn’t want to gain that weight back, but none of them were able to keep it off. And no one was happy – including Oprah.

 Statistics show that Oprah’s buddies aren’t the only people in that tight spot. It happens frequently when people lose that much weight – they gain it back again. And to the women on the Oprah Show it was a mystery as to why they were powerless to stop it.

 However, in their tearful descriptions of their roller coaster weight loss and uncontrollable gain, each one clearly but unconsciously explained her mistake and not one mentioned it – including Oprah. They got off the diet.

 Each one explained “I lost the weight and quit going.” Or “I got off the diet.” Or “I quit checking in with my counselor, quit getting weighed every day.”

 In short – what was naturally so hard for them to do without help (eat right and exercise) they all did beautifully using systems, rules, and external motivation.

 And here’s the pure insanity. After all this “help” worked, they dropped their programs like a hot potato (without the sour cream, bacon and chives).

 Here’s my question: Why didn’t one – and I mean just one – say “I know that I’ll need systems, rules and external motivation the rest of my life. Staying in my skinny jeans (or whatever reason) is worth it to me. I’ll NEVER quit my program – never!”

 Before you get too amazed – have you ever heard this one? “I used to do that to get new patients, but I quit it.” Why did you quit? “Because it worked.” That’s just as crazy.

 This is even crazier. Every year I speak to doctors desperate to grow their practices. Invariably their best-ever years in practice were with this or that practice coach. Why did you quit? I ask. “Because it worked.”

 It’s always the same response: “I learned everything that coach could teach me.”

 You miss the point. Lets go back to the weight loss parallel. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that eating less and exercising more will make you lose weight? When it comes to success in anything it isn’t what you KNOW – it’s what you DO with what you know and the fact is you DO your best success work using successful systems, rules and using external motivation.

 Here’s what type of external motivation I’m talking about: seminars, coaching calls, special interest groups.

 Every single weight loss program triples in effectiveness when you check in with a coach. The simple knowledge that someone is going to call you about your practice, the new information, better perspective and encouragement helps you focus on success.

 Don’t make friends with mediocrity, even if you haven’t become successful yet. Run to hire the right coach and do everything they say with all your intensity and passion. Like the dieter, stay in the system, do the program and stay in touch with your coach.

 And once you succeed, look for the next level of success and then the next and the next.

 I gained 30 pounds right after I got married 25 years ago. I learned how much I gained using a talking scale in a crowded store. How stupid was that?

 I kicked the button on the scale and heard the robotic voice say “Get on the scale. Get on the scale.” I obediently stepped on the scale only to hear “Hey you guys – one at a time.” No, I didn’t hear that, but I think it’s funny. What I did hear was my high school weight plus 30 pounds.

 I looked at my wife in horror. She was laughing. In a matter of days I was sitting with a counselor in a commercial weight loss program learning everything I could. I love systems and formulas and I was back to high school weight in few short months and stepped into maintenance. I check in with that group from time to time, just to keep in touch.

Best advice? Get coached. Stay coached.

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