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20131114blowingkiss20130403puzzledguy100150Puzzled by how hard it is to grow your practice? You attend seminars, LOVE the great ideas and leave with BIG PLANS, but nothing EVER CHANGES!

AND this happens repeatedly. Why isn’t this working?

20130403wrongway2100150Maybe you’re headed at this the wrong way? You don’t need more theory? What you really need are NEW SKILLS! This is where training comes in.

Wouldn’t you rather leave a workshop with real experience and usable skills like these?

  • How to write an ad that attracts quality new patients
  • How to master new patient conversions
  • How to develop a continuous stream of new patients
  • Three skills to keep patients excited about their care plan
  • How to hold patients gently accountable
  • Skills to get your staff engaged in your practice goals
  • Role play through powerful new patient, ROF and “table-talk” scripts
  • AND more…

The facts are simple: we learn by doing, and training produces skill. Did you learn to play football at a seminar? No! It started as play, then training with a good coach. Remember how you improved at football camp? Wasn’t it fun?

WHY NOT join us for real small group, in-clinic training? You’ll leave this workshop with usable skills for getting new patients, staying in a “patient valued relationship” (retention) AND working well with staff. ALL so you can help more people, have more fun and be more successful.

20130403skepticguy100150 Are you skeptical? Of course you are, and I think that’s understandable and it’s actually healthy. After all, what does Five Star know about British culture or the GCC? And will the whole approach be too “American” to be of any use? All of these are great questions.

Let me make a proposal:

  • Watch a sneak peek of Dr. Noel Lloyd teaching a new patient training workshop in London.
  • Watch the next video where he explains his associate training program.
  • AND THEN decide if the Five Star approach is right for you.moneyback

And here’s our NO RISK guarantee: If you attend the workshop and it doesn’t meet your expectations – for ANY reason – you get your money back – no questions asked.

DC only £149 CA only £99 Students £49
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Video #1 Here’s part of a REAL “clients only” training segment from London.

Video #2 explains the training process and personal experience of the trainees.

Based on your desire to grow, our excellent track record in the UK and your willingness to participate in the skill building drills at the workshop this could be the best time and money you’ll ever spend on your future success!

We register at 8:00 a.m., start at 8:30 a.m. sharp and will be through at 5:00 p.m.

Here’s to you! Cheers!

DCs only £149 CAs only £99 Students only £49
registerdc registerca registerstudent