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Top New Patient Tool!

Top New Patient Tool!


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to talk to you about one of the most effective new patient tools I know and how to use it in your own practice.

So just recently we came out of what we call the Foundation of Success live training for Five Star Management clients and our guests. We talked about laying a foundation of philosophy, of a great practice vision, of understanding what our goals are, having a strong day one, a strong day two, being able to lay out good care plans, and help people with the financial aspect of their care.

What do we need now? We need new patients! What you need is a new patient tool that I have found has helped more chiropractors than any other tool I know and it’s one that I teach to every single one of my clients and I’m going to explain what that tool is in the very segment.

So what is this great tool that we use? We call it the new patient 6-pack. Now, I believe every single chiropractic office should have at least 6 new patient programs. 3 external programs and 3 internal programs, but those programs are probably going to be different based on your personality and in your area and what you naturally gravitate to.

The first thing that you need is an external marketing program. Something to reach out into the community in any chiropractic office, at any time during the day, everybody who’s inside the office is already a patient. The vast majority of people outside the office, they aren’t patients.

So, you need to be able to pick according to your area, according to your personality, and just your plain old preferences, an external marketing program. Now, that marketing program needs to be worked on to the point to where it starts to produce new patients.

Now, let’s talk about inside the office. We need to have an internal program that we do that we can train ourselves, we can train our staff, and we can train our patients to participate in. It’s something that’s just automatic. One of the things that I love is I love the invitation to good health certificate and I teach my staff how to give that out, I teach my patients how to give that out, and I’m pretty darn good at giving that out myself.

So there’s one external new patient program. It could be massage events, it could be screenings, it could be dinner workshops, anything that you do outside. So that’s one, now we need to add another and then another. So we’re working with three external programs and three internal programs. We’re always looking for our top strongest program and we’re always looking to add something new into the mix so we can have fun with the marketing.

Now, it’s called the 6-pack. It’s three external new patient programs and three internal new patient programs. You’ll always have one program that will move you foreword in your practice. When one program struggles a little bit, this one over here will be doing just perfectly.

Now, I’m going to teach people how to put together their own 6-packs based upon their personality, based upon their area, and based upon what they just want to do. I’m going to teach it at a live training that’s coming up in Seattle and Chicago. The dates are on the bottom of the screen right here so you can read them and theirs a button right over here on the right side of the page.

You can click that button and you can register and I want to see you there. I want you to come, I want you to learn how to get new patients, and I want your practice to be bigger than ever before. Help more people, have more fun, and make more money. Let’s get together!

Do that now and I’ll see you at the seminar. Talk to you later Buh bye.

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