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Top 2 Reasons Chiropractors Don’t Grow Fast

Top 2 Reasons Chiropractors Don’t Grow Fast


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach and welcome, welcome, welcome. Today, I want to share some insight on why people are struggling with growing their practices, because quite honestly, during 2020 and 2021, we’re seeing best ever practices around the country. And that is during the time of mask mandates and COVID-19 and all of this crazy stuff that’s surrounding us in this world. But the people who are struggling usually have two things in common, they’re inconsistent and they pair that with impatience. You see, we all want quick results with low effort, because we already feel busy, but that’s not how life works, right? If succeeding was easy, everyone would do it. Everyone would win.

The truth is it takes some time and it takes some effort. It takes a strategy. You don’t build a patient base, you don’t build a following, you don’t build a successful practice by showing up occasionally to be present and to do the work. You wouldn’t expect someone to pay you your salary if you only showed up every now and again. Right? So we don’t want to expect that from other people too. After doing this work for over two decades, I have yet to see a single chiropractor who failed because of some algorithm on the internet or a lack of originality in coming up with design ideas. People usually fail because they feel impatient. They’re inconsistent in the way that they’re delivering their message that they know is working in their practice. The transformations in patients’ lives that chiropractic is bringing. And then they can start to feel entitled.

They can start to feel a little bit, you know, I’m a good doctor, why aren’t people showing up? And that’s not what you need to do. You need to be someone who delivers genuine value, who shows up every day and you have a practice that deserves to be seen. You see, that’s what’s gonna work. You see, no one can beat you at being you. You don’t have any competition when you’re 100% authentic. Living your truth and sharing a genuinely valuable message and the work that chiropractic is bringing into the world. Many people have a similar message. But one thing I’ve learned from being in marketing and leadership for this long is that there is always room for you. There is always room for authenticity.

There’s always room for great value. There is always room for someone who’s dedicated to helping someone else live a better life. Because as much as they may be similar to you, they’re not you. And quite honestly, that’s your superpower. You can ignore the masses. You can actually ignore most of the competition and you focus on people who are willing to share your story about the transformations you’re getting. Success is much more flexible than most people believe. So forget business as usual and waiting around in the office for the world to come to you. You can build a fantastic practice while playing to your strengths and having fun in the process, all right? My name is Dr. George Birnbach. Take this message into the weekend, think about it, and let’s hit the ground running on Monday. You be you.

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