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This Will BOOST Your Chiropractic Certainty!!

This Will BOOST Your Chiropractic Certainty!!


Some years ago I was talking to a chiropractor friend of mine and I said, “Chiropractor never looks better than when it’s lived out in the lives of our patients.”

If we have our own esoteric philosophy and that philosophy doesn’t change lives then we become irrelevant. So not only does chiropractic look great on our patients: the little baby girl who had chronic ear infections and who was always on medication gets a chiropractic adjustment and the chronic ear infections go away. By the way, the sty, the chronic infectious sty that she has in her eye that’s going to require surgery magically goes away.

The woman that’s had migraine headaches ever since she’s been seventeen years old and she’s 35 and those migraines have ruined much of her life, gets a chiropractic adjustment and the headaches diminish and then disappear all together.

The gentlemen who has, what the doctors told him was cord stenosis and that’s why his legs weren’t functioning very well, gets a lumbar and a sacral iliac adjustment   and the strength returns to his legs and he’s not required to have any surgical intervention miraculously.

Also the young teenage boy, who’s on all these mood-altering drugs because he’s having such trouble, is able to come off of all medication as a result of a chiropractic adjustment.

Not only does that look absolutely gorgeous to me, it is also something that strengthens my philosophy. I have a baby who’s got chronic ear infections & an infectious sty in her eye that continues to return again and again and so they’re going to have to do surgery. Then I have a gentleman who’s in his mid-60’s who has cord stenosis. They have the same exact problem.

It’s a subluxation, it’s a misalignment, and it’s pressure on the body’s nervous system. One happens high up in the spine, one happens low down in the spine, but it’s the same thing. What that does is that reaffirms my chiropractic philosophy.

I have a young woman in her mid-30s who’s had chronic migraine headaches and I’ve got a young teen who’s on drugs for different types of mood things that he’s experiencing. They’re both able to, as a result of chiropractic adjustments, be able to leave the medication behind and leave the pain and the misery behind.

The only thing that those four studies (old man, young woman, teenage boy, and baby), the only thing that they have in common is the vertebrae went out of it’s normal position and put pressure on nerves, that pressure on nerves disturbed the body’s control, the life force, the flow of life from brain to body was interrupted, disturbed, cut off in some way and that produced terrible problems.

Stenosis, was it there? Yes, but if we took the subluxation away the stenosis didn’t cause the man’s legs to be weak. Migraines, a propensity toward migraines yes, but if we took the pressure away from the nerves, the body was able to be more than what it needed to be in order to fight those migraines. The little baby with the ear infections, but when we got the pressure off the nerves, you see what I’m saying?

Here’s my encouragement to you and my challenge to you is go back and paw through your testimonies. I want you to teach the four wildly different testimonies, the systemic problem, the musculoskeletal problem, the psychological problem, all the different things that we can see, we teach them to our staff.

As we become the teacher, as we become the educator, as we become the person who’s speaking our philosophy, we will become much much more strong and much more certain about what we know chiropractic needs to be to our patients and what it needs to be to us.

I believe this, if I get there in time, there is urgency, if I find the subluxation. It’s not given that every chiropractor is the quality of chiropractor that they need to, we need to be able to find the subluxation. If I make the correction, then that is encouragement to us to be the best technicians we possible can be in our chosen technique.

If I get there in time, if I find the subluxation, if I make the correction, I will see miracles. The only way to explain those miracles is our chiropractic philosophy. That life and health comes from above, down, inside out. If I get there in time, find the subluxation, correct the subluxation, I will watch the body heal itself, I will see miracles.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for your chiropractic certainty, for your strong philosophy, to empower you to wonderful chiropractic success. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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