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A New Patient Strategy That Built My 10 Clinics

A New Patient Strategy That Built My 10 Clinics




Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and I want to talk to you about a new patient six-pack today. As you put together your marketing I’m going to suggest that you diversify, in other words that you always have three internal programs and three external programs running concurrently.

When I started to do my big clinic, the one I called my mother ship. By the way that’s me graduated from Chiropractic College, this is my graduating class right here and the chiropractic oath right back here. When I started to do my big clinic, I would notice that I would get one particular program and would work gang busters but then it might get high centered or off the road and had difficulty so I would bring another program in.

In fact it wasn’t very long that I learned that you just have to do multiple programs because one program would surge, the other would flounder, so we always wanted to have two or three external programs and three internal programs. Then I would work at getting the internal programs organized to the point that other people could administrate them or I would teach people to do different internal programs; teach my associates, teach my CA’s.

Let me give you an example. We use something that’s called The Invitation to Good Health. The Invitation to Good Health is a certificate. A patient says, “Hey do you think chiropractic could help my sister or do you think chiropractic could help my coworker?” “I don’t know but I’ve got this great certificate, it’s good for a consultation and examination in my office.”

We worked up a protocol and what I would do is I would teach CA’s and teach DC’s about what I call trigger statements and then how to do the certificate. Then we’d have a contest, we would tally the number of certificates that we gave out in a day, in a week, and we’d talk about that in the office meeting.

That meeting or that certificate was part of the six-pack. Then we’d put together something else. I would teach people how to collect testimonies and how to write up testimonies. Well, that six-pack was part of our internal marketing and the trick was to get as much marketing as I possibly could systematized, taught, and part of our culture.

The external marketing, I happen to be particularly blessed with that. I would develop a COA, community outreach assistant, who would do our external marketing. I remember one 31-day period in the Fall after back to back to back state and county fairs that we did a booth in. We had 600+ new patients for our five offices and it was all done by people that I taught.

Six-pack: three internal and three external. You get to choose what you want to do but if you don’t diversify, you’ll find yourself in difficult shape if your key program runs aground or has some difficulty.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd encouraging you to diversify your new patient marketing. Build a six-pack!

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