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This is Exactly What Your Patients Want to Buy From You

This is Exactly What Your Patients Want to Buy From You


Hey, this is Dr. George Birnbach and you’ve heard the story, right? It’s sell the sizzle, don’t sell the steak. In other words, you’ve been taught that people want to buy the benefits instead of the product. So you go through all this training, read all these articles about how to come up with a list of features and benefits. But there’s one thing that you’re overlooking, is that people don’t even want to buy the benefit. They want to buy the emotion. They want to buy how they will feel once they utilize the service or the product. I’ve written a lot of marketing material in my life. I’ve written a lot of sales language in my life. And one thing I know from watching the results on all this material is that the people who do best are the ones who are selling the feelings that people will generate from utilizing the service.

You will get back to feeling the way, you know you should if you utilize this service. Sure, we can say it’s a fast way to get well. It’s a safe way to get well. Those are all features. Those are all benefits. It’s cutting edge. That’s all great. But what people are really doing in their mental prioritization, their financial prioritization, is they’re saying, how will I feel? Will I be the person I want to be after I go through this service? You see? The best people in marketing, the best people in communication and conversions are the ones who can demonstrate to that potential new patient or that patient that their purchase, their buy-in, will help them or allow them to feel the way that they want to feel.

That goes from everything from diamond engagement rings all the way down to gym memberships. It even goes down to diets. You know, that little rebel that knows you can now eat this thing that you probably know you shouldn’t eat, but you can do it. Won’t that make you feel great? Or how about we’re gonna help your body work better? So when you go to a restaurant, every menu doesn’t look like a minefield. Or we’re gonna show you a program that’ll help correct your posture so you will feel fantastic playing with your grandchildren, knowing that you won’t break down later on with a headache or with fatigue. Isn’t that really what you want in your life, to feel that way? You see, whatever the product is, you can break it into benefits and features and marketing 101 will say, you need that list.

But the real tipping point, the real tipping point is how will they feel if they follow your advice? Will they feel the way that they want to feel? And your job is to educate and to teach and to present this position of the emotions through both your branding and your messaging. You see branding sells emotion even better. If they can see that everything you do is in alignment with helping them feel the way that they want to feel. And we could take it all the way to colors and music and you know, type face on a website. The images that we use on a website. What their brains pick up on is will I feel the way I want to feel working with you?

So next time you’re tasked with writing a script or presenting a case to a patient, just think about if they choose to go forward with it, how are they gonna feel? And can I show that how they’re going to feel is perfectly in alignment with how they want to feel? All right, more than features and benefits, people want to buy that end emotion. All right, take that, go use it for your benefit. Help a lot of people. Let me know how you do.

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