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They Wanted to Fuse my Spine

They Wanted to Fuse my Spine





Hi gang, Dr. Noel Lloyd here for Five Star Management.

Years ago I was practicing, seeing 500+ patient visits a week. Absolutely loved the practice, had a terrible ski accident that literally was a career ender. Uhh what was I going to do? I’m going to tell you how I turned 1 practice into 10 through what I learned after I was injured.

I remember almost like it was yesterday when I went back to the condominium in Sun Valley and I had no strength in my right arm, literally no strength in my arm and couldn’t support it against gravity. That was intermittent but things really, really went downhill and I couldn’t practice, I actually couldn’t adjust.

So I remember in my car, I remember at home, I remember sitting in the office just wondering what in the world was I going to do? I mean chiropractic was my life. I wanted to be a chiropractor from the age 11, had a great practice, had a new family, a new baby, what was going to happen to me and my family? Well in this next segment I’ll tell you what I did that turned 1 practice into 10 and also gave birth to Five Star Management.

I was in the car and I was driving back from a neurosurgical consult and the neurosurgeon said that I was going to have to have a 2 level fusion and I remember exactly where I was on the freeway. I thought no I’m not; I’m not going to do this. I’m going to design my own chiropractic care program and I’m going to get better and I did, but I still couldn’t practice. Not at that time.

So I went to work studying the business. First I went because I needed money, I went into my billing department and the AR management and what I saw honestly wasn’t what I wanted to see, so I went to work on that. I went to work on my associate development stuff. I went to work on my marketing. I went to work on my team training. Piece by piece, I literally found hundreds of things that wouldn’t work, but I found very few things that worked extraordinarily well.

My associates were great and my team was great and we worked together. They knew I was on their side; I was working hard on their behalf and what happened from that is that I was able to not only go from 1 practice to multiple practices but also have those practices be wonderfully profitable. In fact so great that my associates all wanted to buy them from me and that was fine with me because that worked out really, really well. Also from that was birthed Five Star Management.

Five Star Management is basically set up this way, that you have this super, super efficient system for running clinics so that you can put great chiropractic, great practice vision, great goals, great men, great women in there and the practice system holds this beautifully. I’ve used the analogy of chiropractic as wine and a good business system is a great wine glass. Without the business system it’s just a stain on the tablecloth.

My injury, my problem became my solution and became Five Star Management and I teach that in High Volume, Low Stress: Installing the Associate Operating System. It’s coming up really, really soon.

If you’ve never been to a Five Star Management seminar we let you come to one for what we call the cheap peak, you get a chance to see what we do. If you’ve never been and if you think your place should run more smoothly, more efficiently, and should be more fun to practice, if you don’t think it should be this hard, it doesn’t have to be.

Click the button below and check and see what’s coming up. I know it’s going to be here shortly, just a couple weeks, but make the effort. Get there. We’d love to help.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for chiropractors everywhere having a more enjoyable practice experience. We’ll see you there, buh bye.



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