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The Top Traits of Successful Chiropractors who Develop Great Associate Doctors

The Top Traits of Successful Chiropractors who Develop Great Associate Doctors


Hey, this is Dr. George Birnbach, and you know what? Building a practice can be quite intimidating. But those who do it right seem to share similar characteristics, right? So when you look at all the practitioners that we’ve helped get associates, train associates, develop associates and mentor those associateships to fantastic careers, there are certain traits that a lot of these doctors share. The first is they have a personality for taking a little bit of risk, as long as it’s in alignment with the vision that they have. They’re not hiding inside their practice hoping nothing changes. They get stable, and then they have a personality that says you know what, I’m ready to expand. I know there’s a little risk there, but if I have the right systems and the right people on our team, like at Five Star Management, we know that we can take those steps together and they can be successful. And the doctors who do the best with generating associates and building their careers while helping the associates build their careers, have a real strong personality for risk. Now, they also have confidence in their ability to step in.

They know that they built something special. They know that they built a practice that’s worthy of duplication. So they also know that when they bring in a young associate chiropractor, if that associate starts to struggle, the owning doctor knows they can step in, get everything straightened out, or at least find the people who they can call in order to get this kind of coordinated. You see? Another trait that they share is composure. They’re willing to stop, slow it down and listen. They don’t just get so hung up on the fact that you’re not going fast enough, not going fast enough. They take their time and they go, “You know, this is where we’re going. We’re gonna have a couple of bumps. We’re aware of this.” They enter this relationship with drive, but also a level of maturity that they know things don’t happen overnight. Because remember, in the Five Star win-win model, we’re helping a practice that is worthy of duplication to bring in associate doctors to expand that practice while benefiting that associate’s career. Now, out of all the traits, there was one thing that stood out above all others. And that is that the doctors who do this the best spent time building knowledge and building expertise in understanding their practice and understanding their practice as a business. You see?

The most successful chiropractors who are developing associates, they spend time planning about the future. On average, they’re probably putting in between eight and 12 hours a week. Reading, studying, coming to seminars, getting on the win-win associate seminar calls or webinar calls and learning what other doctors around the country are doing to make this successful. You see? What we believe is that by investing our expertise and our time into your success, and by you investing your time and your resources into your efforts and your success, there’s no way to fail. That is the way the professionals are just excelling and having best-evers, even during this crazy year that we’re having. All right? If you’d like to know more about the work we’re doing, give us a call. I’ll talk to you soon.

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