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The Three Pillars of a Growth Practice

The Three Pillars of a Growth Practice


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach. Welcome, welcome, and we wanna talk about the three pillars of your practice. Now the owners of this practice have control over all three of these pillars. They’re not actually in these pillars, but these pillars are the three major job characteristics of a practice. And the first one, the first one is our marketing. And our marketing should be thinking creatively. They should only be concerned with one thing, which is how do we get the messages from inside of our clinic out to the world so that the people who need us out there in the world can come in and get inside that clinic? The second piece is our clinical side. Our clinical side should just be concerned with taking care of people. That’s what they should be concerned about. Now our marketing side, and I know this is going to make a couple of you a little bit curious, our marketing side should not be concerned about how the clinical side sees their volume. I’m too busy, I can’t handle anymore.

We get that in the New Patient Academy, we get that at Five Star Management. I have too many new patients right now. The marketing side should just be creative and doing their job. How do I get the stories out of the clinic and into the world, and how do I let people know out there in the world about the work we do so we can help more people? The clinical side needs to be jumping in and working on their craft, working on their technique, taking care of people. And so the meetings that occur between marketing and clinical should be how can clinical see more people and marketing can say, this is what I need from you to get these stories out?

I need a doctor video, I need testimonials to interview, I need things like that, I need whiteboards with wins. So the marketing should be always on the creative side, and the clinical should be always on the patient side, but then they will interact on what does the marketing side need from me in order to get these stories out into the world? The third component is our administrative side.

The administrative side should have one really overriding thought. How can I help everyone be more successful? How can I help the clinical side see more people and earn more from the work they’re doing? How can I help my marketing side generate more new patients, more new business for the clinic? So the admin side should be, how can we increase everyone else’s work and stay safe? Now why do I say stay safe? Because we have to make sure that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

That’s the admin’s job. Hey, we have to make sure that everyone’s notes are in, we have to make sure the billing is done appropriately and safely. We have to make sure if my marketing department needs something, I can’t just go buy stuff without knowing that we have the money to spend. We have to do this in a very safe way. Make sense? So these are the three elements in any practice.

The only time the marketing and the administrative side should really interact is if the marketing department needs something or the administrative side needs to know how to help the marketing department. The time the administrative and the clinical interact, well, these are our meetings to say, hey, this is what we’re doing in the clinic, this is what we’ve done, this is where we are, this is what we wanna achieve. And they have administrative meetings.

But then when they all come together, when they all come together, in the middle, this is where all three people or all three departments have a shared vision. They can get together and they say, look at this great place that we built. We’re helping more people, we’re having more fun, and we’re enjoying so much more success. This is wonderful. And they can get together, maybe it’s once a week, maybe once every other week, maybe once a quarter. But at that meeting, the goal is not just to get along, and the goal is not just to look at statistics.

The goal of this meeting is to make decisions on where we wanna go now. What do we want that to look like, how will it work? We make decisions. The only two things that need to come out of a meeting are what are the decisions and who’s in charge? Because now our marketer is gonna go back up into marketing, our clinical are gonna go back over into clinical, and our admin is gonna go back over into admin. Now if you have a clinic director, they still are overseeing everything, you see? They’re looking at all of these divisions and they’re still in charge of all of these, right? But at the end of it all, you have three independent operating machines that are all working for a shared vision, and that’s the piece that you have to keep in mind. We have a shared vision, and that might be our yearly goals or it might be a quarterly goal, you see?

But that shared vision is gonna be held by all three components of your practice. But these components do operate as independent entities until they have meetings and they come into play because we don’t want the clinical side slowing down our marketers, you see? And we don’t want our clinical side being held up because the admin side isn’t make sure everything’s safe and secure and managing well. So if you look at these as three independent machines that just come together and overlap, that will work really, really well, and I think you’ll find a benefit in it. So think about that and let me know how it’s going. Just pour it in the comments. I’ll talk to you soon, buh-bye.

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