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The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and in this short video I’m going to share with you what I believe is the secret to success, but not only the secret to success but how to make that secret a reality in your life. I’ll share it in the very next segment.

What is the secret to success? I believe the secret to success is consistency. Let’s take practice development, let’s take nutrition, let’s take fitness. It’s not any one meal; it’s consistency the right meals. It’s not any one workout; it’s consistently the right workouts. It’s not in practice any one big hit…every now and again I’ll speak to somebody and they’ve had a tremendous hit on new patients. They’ll go out and produce 40 new in a week, but that can overwhelm the practice and you could get buried and you could get stressed and there’s no consistency.

So consistency is king. Consistency in workout, nutrition, and practice development is king and it guarantees success. You’ve heard me say fall in love with the process and the results of the process are assured. If you consistently do the right thing, you will consistently get the right results.

Now, one month from now we’re going to be making new years resolutions. Let’s say that you have a fitness resolution or you’ve got a diet resolution or you have a practice development resolution, start now! Let me use an example of, let’s say getting fit. Just get your gear on and get down to your workout club. In fact, lift weights that are so small that you feel almost apologetic. You’re trying to explain to someone lifting next to you, “I’m really not a wimp, even though I’m lifting wimp weights.”

The habit of going to the club, the habit of doing a little tiny workout is so powerful. If you start practicing that in December, making time for consistent workouts, what’ll happen is that by the time you drop into a better workout the first of the year for your new years resolution, you’ve already got the habit ingrained.

Training, I’ve talked about this before. In fact not long ago I think that little trainings, 10, 15, 20-minute trainings so that you consistently do the right thing, the right way is key. I promise you it is the key to success.

One of the reasons that people join Five Star Management is so that they can be reminded what they need to do so that they can consistently get it done – to be with other men and women heading the right direction so that they can consistently do successful actions.

Consistency is key, being in a program that helps you maintain your consistency starting with low discipline and then adding, as you desire. That’s the key.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I want to see you have, not only a tremendously successful year in 2017, but let’s already plan to make 2018 a best ever year.

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