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The Real Retention Story

The Real Retention Story

I gave an assignment to all those who will attend the Five Star retention seminar this month and I have been hearing jaws hit the floor all over the world. Here’s why…

First part of the assignment: Make a list of the first 60 new patients you admitted in 2012. NOW, count how many have future appointments. “OUCH!!” was the response of one client. “IF I believe that lifetime chiropractic care is THE KEY to a better life, why have so few stuck with chiropractic?” EXCELLENT question.

The second part of the assignment was to count how many visits those who have left your care actually received AND then to calculate the percentage that quit at any one point. Example: IF 80% of the lost, leave in the first four visits – like one of my clients – what in the world is he doing wrong? BETTER yet, what will he do about it?

WHY do this exercise? Several reasons: Because you haven’t managed to chase everyone away, doesn’t mean that you are getting the “retention message” to the masses. Finding out who left, why and when is key.

Additionally, if you loose a huge amount at key visit counts, like the doctor that had a mass exodus at visit 12, then what do you think or do or tell your patients that needs fixing?

SO, want to give your retention a awake up call? Do the following:
1. Make a list of the first 60 new patients enrolled in 2012.
2. Subtract all those on that list with future appointments.
3. Assume the rest are “the lost.”
4. Find out how many visits “the lost” stayed for, why they left.
5. Calculate the percentage that you lose after each visit.
6. The high percentage areas (20% or more) are the danger areas.
7. NOW, join us in Chicago or Seattle to find out how to repair your leaky practice bucket.

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