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The Quick-Fix Is Neither

The Quick-Fix Is Neither

The Quick Fix Is Neither AND the REAL $1,000,000 Secret

Sorry to break it to you, but I think you already know: the quick-fix is neither quick nor a fix. Look around you: What do they call the quick-fix dieter? Plump. What do they call the quick-fix exerciser? Out of shape. What do they call the doctor who’s looking for the quick-fix for a struggling practice? Unsuccessful.

As a group, we humans are pretty smart – we put a man on the moon and all that line of thought. Additionally, in our heart of hearts we know that quick fixes really don’t work. However, every year horrific golfers (whose equipment already surpasses their ability) spend tens of millions of dollars on brand new clubs, looking for a quick fix – then continue to play terrible golf AND they do it again every year. It DEFINES insanity.

If I told you about some of the equally pathetic schemes some doctors have sunk thousands of dollars into we’d all be shaking our heads in no time.

OK, if there’s a hall of shame (dumb things that cost a lot and don’t work – ever) is there a hall of fame (smart things that give great value and success while reducing stress)? YES. BUT here’s THE question: why should you trust me to tell you? How can you know it will work?

Great question! I’ll give you THE test that NEVER lies. It’s worth $1,000,000 and I’ll give it to you for free, but you will have to dig it out. Here we go:

Interview five people who lost 50-plus pounds and kept it off. Ask them how they did it? Then interview five people who were out of shape, got fit and stayed fit. Now interview five people who actually dropped their golf score by 20 strokes – and consistently shoot in the high 70s and low 80s. NOW, interview the chiropractor who used to struggle terribly but now sees an extra 100 to 200 visits a week AND works half as hard. They all tell the same story. NOT ONE tells you it was a quick fix.

Since what you’ll find is the ONLY way that really works, shouldn’t we already be listening? Not necessarily. Chances are your storeroom is full of junk you bought hoping it was your lottery ticket to instant success.

By the way, I know that ALL CAPS is the writing equivalent of yelling. You would yell too if you spoke to nice doctors who do the wrong thing again and again for decades expecting a different result.

So what DOES work every time?

I know DCs who consistently produce 50-plus new patients a month. They’re never looking for a quick-fix. I know golfers with a +5 handicap. They frequently play with clubs they’ve had for years. The thin and fit – and I mean those who used to be really out of shape and have lost quite a bit of weight – they all do the same things. They commit to a proven plan, use expert and peer support and stick to it.

Here’s what that looks like for the dieter, exerciser and golfer: They use a proven system with a coach and surround themselves with friends who support them. They know that any plateau or set back can be solved with the system and support

This is what that looks like for the chiropractor:

First, join a management company. Is this self-serving? Of course it is, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Face it; if you haven’t done it by yourself by now, you aren’t going to. Choose a consultant like most people choose a chiropractor – ask your friends and neighbors. Most groups pay for themselves 10 to 20 times over. This won’t cost you – it will pay you.

Secondly, assemble your own mastermind group to challenge and encourage you. Most of the time you can find people in your management group who are eager to cheer you on and give you a push when you need it. I encourage my clients to “clump-up” in groups of five to six and push each other.

Third, set aside two hours a week to work ON your practice, not IN the practice. If you work ON the practice it’s like detailing an abused or neglected car – the interest in and enjoyment of that car goes up. Does it take work? Of course it does, but I literally have millions in the bank because of that single principle. Don’t know how or what needs work first? That’s why we hire coaches with systems and friends headed in the same direction we want to go.

Chiropractors work with the power the created the universe. Why then are we so slow to learn the truths that continue to rule the universe? Tell me, does anyone (and I mean ANYONE) think you’ll get washboard abs from the ab gimmicks you see on TV?

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