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The Perfect Hour: From Dreaming to Doing

The Perfect Hour: From Dreaming to Doing


Hey everybody, this is Dr. George Birnbach, and I want to talk to you about a game I’d like you to play. It’s called The Perfect Hour. Often when we’re thinking about our practice, growing a clinic or hiring an associate doctor, or how our front desk should run, we get all of these ideas. We may read books, talk to colleagues, see ideas around town, and then we try to get them implemented. We understand all these fantastic ideas, but in our heart of hearts, we don’t always believe that it’s possible to get the perfect outcome in real life. It becomes a dream much more than it is our reality.

I’d like you to play a game this week called The Perfect Hour. Let’s look at your schedule and schedule an hour exactly the way you want it. Work on your education and your communication precisely the way you want it for one hour. See the number of people you want to in that single hour. Make yourself experience what one ‘Perfect Hour’ feels like in real life.

If you have an associate doctor, and you want them working at a specific pace, schedule them for their one ‘Perfect Hour.’ Teach them the skills to keep their communication on track; their agenda for their treatment visit focused for one ‘Perfect Hour.’ You can even take this over to your billing department or take this to your rehab department or take this to the front desk and have them schedule this game for one ‘Perfect Hour.’

And, if they can do one ‘Perfect Hour,’ they can do several ‘Perfect Hours.’ But you have to start with one so you can feel it, you can see it, you can hear what it sounds like, and most importantly you can look back on it when it’s all done knowing you did it. You can reflect and say, “This is how I made it happen. And now, the ‘Perfect Hour’ game can put you on a trajectory to make one ‘Perfect Hour’ turn into many ‘Perfect Hours.’ And if you come up a short, you end up with 75% of your week the way you imagined it.

Use this as your game this week.

Take the people you want to train and train them to experience the ‘Perfect Hour,’ and you’ll see that your barriers to growth just disappear.

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