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The One Question That Changes Your Referrals

The One Question That Changes Your Referrals


Hi, my name’s Dr. George Birnbach. And I want to ask you a question and it really is the difference between whether you will get referrals to your practice from people around you. Whether that’s staff wanting to refer to you or patients wanting to refer to you or HR directors if you’re out doing a marketing event. This is the question that you need to ask yourself in order to know why you do or don’t have a thriving referral chain in your business.

Is what you’re doing remarkable? Okay. Is what you’re doing remarkable? Well, let’s think about this for a second. How do we define remarkable? Well, quite literally is what you’re doing worth mentioning to someone? Is what you’re doing for me as a patient or for me as a staff member, or for me as a witness, if I work inside of your office, is what our practice is doing worth mentioning to a friend, right? Not for you, but for the person that you’re doing it for. When you take care of someone, did they go ooh that was remarkable. That, wow, I’m so happy to be part of this. You see, we’re always performing in some way, but when we’re in alignment with our values and our actions and our ethics, then it becomes easier to do that performance unconsciously. We’re just putting our focus and doing the best we can in front of whoever seems to be witnessing it. But is what you’re doing remarkable? You see, whenever I need something from someone, I try to show up, you know, physically energetically. And when I look around at the interactions that I have, I want someone to go, you know what? That really made a difference.

That’s gonna be good. I appreciate what you just did. But I want you to look around and ask yourself this question in every exchange that you have with a patient do they feel that you’re there for them? Do they feel it? Do they hear it? Do they sense it? Do they look around and say, you know the things I see you doing for other people I want to tell people about this. That’s how you know you’re being remarkable. So the first thing to understand when you’re trying to figure out why you are or aren’t generating referrals is, is what I’m doing remarkable? Take a look. Take some steps towards it. I know you’re gonna have a better outcome.

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