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The Method for Feedback

The Method for Feedback


Hey everybody, this is Dr. George Birnbach. And you know, we’re answering a lot of questions because marketing’s opening back up inside of this great big country of ours and we’re getting out and we’re doing more events. And now we’re starting to see, just like the atrophy of a muscle if you’re not working out, some self-consciousness about going out and teaching chiropractic, going out and showing the transformation elements that chiropractic can provide. And so our marketers in the New Patient Academy as well as the marketers in the five-star clinics are starting to have questions on, you know, how do I connect with people? How can I not overthink this? Or if I have a bad event and people are trying to give me advice, how should I be thinking through it?

Well, one of the systems that we have is called the One-by-One Index Card Method. And that was made famous by Brene Brown, the very famous teacher of empathy. You see, how do you connect with people? You see, many times when we’re under stress, we tend to hermit ourselves. We put our heads down and we start to grind it out. But that can be self-sabotaging. Remember, feedback is how you get better. There’s no professional athlete, there’s no Olympian out there who isn’t gaining feedback after every competition, after every performance. You see it in actors, you see it in athletes, and we need to see it in our own staff, not just in a marketing, but also at the front desk, also in the treatment room. Feedback is how you get better. That’s how coaches train athletes. It’s how planes fly thousands of miles, mostly in the right direction, by making these micro adjustments based on feedback. You see? Without feedback, you’re basically, you’re navigating without a map. And if you don’t have a direction, it doesn’t really matter what direction you’re moving, because you’re not gonna end up anywhere. So, you need to find your happy place, that happy medium between gaining feedback, but not falling in this self-reflective cage that can happen if you’re taking too much feedback from too many people. And that’s where this one by one index card comes in.

It’s as simple as this: get yourself a little index card, a three-by-five card, cut it down into a one-by-one inch or a two-by-two inch square. Something that will fit easily in a handbag or a wallet. And on there, list all the names on one side, all the names of the people that you will tolerate and accept feedback from, right. That should easily fit on a one-inch-by-one-inch index card or a two-inch-by-two-inch index card. This group of people we’re gonna call your Square Squad. A squad is intimate. You’re working together. You feel that you’re working together and everyone’s on your side. And you’re all trying to move forward a specific purpose. You see? A one-inch-by-one-inch index card is very small. And if you have bigger handwriting, use a two-inch-by-two-inch card. But the game of it is that it’s smaller than even a post-it note. It forces you to get really specific on who’s on your team and who you’ll accept feedback from. You see, in doing this, you protect yourself from letting too much outside influence in. That you choose to let define you.

It keeps you from getting beat up in the process of learning. And then you also protect yourself from becoming too much like a hermit and not going down the road of change. So, that’s a really good thing. So the first takeaway here is to figure out who your squad is. How many people who are in your practice are you gonna accept advice from willingly and easily? Now, we don’t want to use the backside of that card for nothing. On the backside of the card, what I tell marketers is to put your two main messages, right? The first message is, this is what we do. We’re the office that does this. And the second message is what’s the transformation element or the facilitation element? And it might be just a sentence like “I would love to help you.” Right? No matter what they say, you know what I’d love to help you with that. Those two statements on the back are kind of like a get out of jail free card.

It’ll always give you a soundbite that you’re comfortable with to fall back on. And once you have this, then go out and do your work, spend your time making a difference in the world. And when you get done trying to connect with people, you can go back and debrief that experience and accept feedback from your squad. And you’ll feel really powerful because of it. All right, my name’s Dr. George Birnbach. Go out, conquer the world, bring chiropractic to the people who need it. All right, bye bye.

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