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Hey, everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach and I wanna talk about the four things that are gonna crush your dreams and destroy your plans. You see, whenever we’re in planning mode and designing the freight train that’s gonna carry our ideas from our mind out to a successful end, we need to identify also what we’re going to call derailers because derailers take the train off the tracks and identifying derailers is not a negativity stance. It’s not looking at things like a victim, fearful of something that may never happen. It’s a powerful leadership and planning tool that helps develop your pivot plans. We work through every situation on the planning table, so we can roll right through our opportunities with the fewest challenges possible.

The first derailer is logistics. Logistics usually boils down to time, money, or knowledge. So you need to listen to people when they feel stuck, and you’ll see these. I don’t have enough time to do this. Or I can’t afford this. Or I have no idea how to make this work. These logistic objections are sometimes looked at as hard objections to move forward from. But they aren’t that hard. You just need to start with a charette. A charette is a diagram, a little tiny diagram, that we draw out about our project. And we use it to illustrate four questions.

Number one, what is involved with this project?
Number two, what do we have available?
What do we need?
And where do we find help?

Those four questions allow you to have a less frightening future unknown. And you can move forward more confidently.

Now, the second derailer is procrastination. Procrastination is self-induced, self-administered, and self-defeating. You need to beat back procrastination at every possible turn like it’s a poison that’s gonna take down your project because it will. Procrastination doesn’t ever take away the need for a project, but it adds fear, anxiety, and worry to that project and anything it infects. So I want you to start thinking, what’s the easiest way to generate momentum on this project? And one of my favorite questions to ask myself when I’m planning something is what’s the easiest way for me to launch this project and then hand it off for someone else to finish? Create a start-it-now model of thinking, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to produce more on your projects. Okay?

The third derailer is perfectionism. Now, it’s interesting because striving for perfectionism is not all together a bad thing. You wanna do a great job, but people can become crippled by the fear of not being able to be perfect. And it can quickly derail a launch or gum up a process. So let’s move the concept of perfection to a checkpoint near the end of the project. And now let’s create a checklist to guide the measurement of what would be considered perfect on this project.

Maybe we’re gonna judge an individual project according to is it in alignment with our values and our image? Maybe it has to be at a specific budget or price point for the project’s rollout. Or maybe it needs to be acceptable by my team as a quality program, so we can be proud of it. It doesn’t matter how you define perfect. But if you’re being derailed by your concept of being perfect, you’re probably dealing with the fear of failure in an undefined environment.

So answer this question. What does this look like if it’s done the way that I would be proud of? And once you define it, a checklist appears, and the fear disappears. Derailer number three, gone.

Now, the fourth derailer is attitude. Attitude’s interesting because your attitude is composed of your internal and external environments. Internally, we are our self-talk, our self-image, our self-beliefs, where externally, we are our physical abilities. We’re our communication skills and the actions that we take. And these all form how we make commitments and follow through on them.

I have spent much of my life finding the fun in the failures. You see, taking failures as curiosities and learning positions helps you grow as a human being and become better at every single thing you do. Growth is about learning from failures. When you learn very little, you really are getting yourself stuck and you do learn very little when you’re winning. You learn more when you work through challenges and puzzles. You will also appreciate the glory of winning so very much more. So there you have it. This is a planning and mindset class for you to use.

Go ahead, dream big, but also take a look at where things may derail. And now you can plan on avoiding those obstacles as well. You’ll get better at planning. You’ll get better at puzzle solving.

My name’s Dr. George Birnbach. Let’s keep building curious leaders who create amazing lives for the people around them.

Have fun and keep going.

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