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The First of 5,000

The First of 5,000

imageThe sentence jumped off the page as if it were written just to me. [Build your first practice] “…as if it were the first of 5,000 locations, even if [you] never plan to expand.” Unwittingly, Mike Gerber, in his timeless business classic, The E-Myth Revisited was speaking directly to ME!

I loved his book from the very first chapter and I’d underlined and highlighted many sections. But this concept hit me so hard I had to put the book down and let it sink in. So many facets of this single idea sparked through my mind. It was as if someone had turned on floodlights in what had been a pitch-black room.

Of course! If you build your first (and maybe only) like the first of many, you’d work on your systems so they would run effectively, effortlessly and efficiently. Pleasing to patients, staff and doctor.

Your goal would be to end each day with comments like “What a great day. How many did we see? Wow, that many? The day flew by.” Those feelings seldom come by accident.

BUT how do you actually do the work of perfecting and polishing your systems in office number ONE? How indeed? But let’s do a little honest assessment of your current progress.

Do you love your practice? More specifically – and be honest here – do you love the day-to-day workings of your practice? Do you find the way your office handles new patients on day one and two “attractive?”

Are you impressed with the way you process established patients on return visits? Do you appreciate the execution of systems and interplay of staff, patient, doctor and facility? Do you love the symphony of the working parts? Not that it always works well, but most of the time.

Does the beauty of how your team uses phone scripts to confirm appointments impress you? Do you enjoy the way you or your associates greet your new patients, strengthen the referral bond and frame doctor patient relationship in the first 3-4 minutes?

I could go on and on through each crafted, scripted and practiced phase of a patient encounter, but you get the idea.

OR, is it different than that? Does your office run just one click above chaos? Is the way you interact with a new patient clumsy and haphazard? Do you cringe when the phone rings for fear of what you’ll hear your CA say? Is your day so stressful you’re exhausted at day’s end?

I know doctors who can’t stand the thought of going to the one office they have now, let alone build another copy of what has become their private “torture chamber.”

IF you resonate with the “love the way it works” statements, great you’re on your way to polishing your first of however many you want.

IF you get nauseous at the thought of another office that runs like your current practice, we need to pick a system to streamline, get it under control and then pick another.

One of the delicious “side games” in developing your practice like the first of 5,000 is watching your office go through a transformation from stress to success; from “can I endure another day” to “TGIM” (Thank God it’s Monday!)

Here’s to your journey!

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