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The 7 Foundations to Build a Strong Practice

The 7 Foundations to Build a Strong Practice


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to share with you the 7 foundations you must have in order to build a great practice in 2016.

So, here’s the set up. In order to build a great practice in 2016, you must have a strong foundation. Uneven foundation, uneven practice. Broken foundation, broken practice.

I was able to build 10 practices because I understand the 7 foundations that you must have. In this very next clip, I’m going to share all 7 with you.

I’ve been so blessed. I’ve been able to build 10 strong practices and to sell those to my associates. One of the reasons is because of my understanding of the foundations. Let me share those with you now.

Number one, is what I would call philosophy, chiropractic philosophy and I’ll put philo there, short for philosophy. Chiropractic philosophy, the understanding that a life comes from above, down, inside out, and that vertebral subluxation can make people sick, can separate you from wellness, is the reason that so many people are suffering, is such a strong message.

The stronger the philosophy burns in you, the better your foundation in philosophy. The more you will be propelled through your marketing, into your care plans, and into your daily care. Number one, chiropractic philosophy.

Number two is personal development. You need to have a strong philosophy of personal development. In other words, what are you doing to develop your own leadership characteristics to be able to lead your patients and your team? I believe in setting goals, understanding how affirmations work, always working with a group of other chiropractors that are working to make themselves better. So, a foundation of personal development.

Number three is what I call the practice model. In order to be able to love your practice, in order to be able to build it strong, it has to be a low stress model. One where you can do maximum patient volume, but still be personal, and relaxed, and enjoy. Also, a model where the staff is having fun, patients are having fun, and the doctor’s having fun, and a model where you bring in associates and they just fit in perfectly into your practice model. You need to have a great foundation of a great model.

Number four is time. You need to understand and you need to use time and have a foundation of time so that working in the practice, with your patients, you’re running on time. Being able to also take time away from the practice to spend with your family. I can tell a great practice and its ability to grow by taking a look at the doctors’ foundation on time.

Now, number five is what I call day one. We build a foundation with our patients and their understanding of how chiropractic works on day one and day two. So, you need a great day one. One that will pamper, one that will process correctly and clinically, and one that will prove to the patient that they are in the right place, and you also need to be able to do that in a timely fashion. So, day one, a great foundation for day one lays the foundation for the patient and their understanding of what chiropractic is.

Day two. Your foundation on day two works this way. You do a great report of findings. You lay the foundation for the patients understanding for chiropractic, their care plan, and how you’re going to move together in a good chiropractic care plan. So day two is really important, a great foundation.

The seventh thing is the money. Being able to understand how the money works for chiropractic care because every single person who has a chiropractic problem also has a money problem, so you need to bring a foundation of money solutions. Also, understanding your business money aspects, like your profit & loss, and being able to understand what the money is in the practice.

Now, these are the 7 foundations:

  1. Philosophy that propels you forward.
  1. Personal development that sees you grow as an individual & a leader of your team.
  1. A practice model that’s low stress and one that’s fun for you, fun for the staff, fun for the patients, and easy to plug associates into.
  1. A utilization of time so that you’ve got time for everything that you need to do. You just need to make sure that you master your foundation in time.

5 & 6. Your strong day one, your strong day two. Most patients are educated about what they                    think chiropractic’s going to be like by the end of your day two.

  1. Then, being able to handle the money. Being able to make sure that the patients can afford the care and make sure that you make the type of income that you’re looking for.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd hoping that you build a great foundation in 2016 so you can have a great practice and I know this helps.

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