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The 3 Components Your Chiropractic Message MUST Include

The 3 Components Your Chiropractic Message MUST Include


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach and there are three things that your chiropractic message must include and it sure isn’t fairy dust or magic.

You see the best practices are gifted at creating moments of meaning for patients by marrying the old and the new because the new creates this anxiety but excitement. And it creates a sense of wonder and imagination but the old builds comfort, understanding and trust. And every great relationship needs three elements inspiration, relatability and suspense. We see it in the most celebrated movies, stories and patient relationships in our practice. We are in effect, creating the storyline that the patients desire to be a part of.

Now my question to you is can you tell your chiropractic story in a way that demonstrates inspiration, relatability and suspense? No necessarily in that order but all of these components must be there. If you wanna build a referral-based practice we must practice telling our patients’ success stories in ways they create this viral worthy dissemination from your patient’s word of mouth and your online and offline marketing activities.

So, here’s today’s lesson and the guidelines to test your associate doctor’s marketing messages your chiropractic teaching and the story that leaves your office. Go ahead today and tell someone a story worthy of sharing by making sure it has inspiration, relatability and elements of suspense.

That story will spread to those they care about and both your practice and the people who hear that story will benefit tremendously.

My name’s Dr. George Birnbach. Here is your marketing message for the week. Go and use this. Test everything that leaves your office for those three elements and you will get a tremendous benefit.

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