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The 13 Keys to Success in 2011

The 13 Keys to Success in 2011

Friend, client and full-time wild-man Dr. Phil Kriss competes in iron man triathlons. That’s where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a 26.2 mile marathon. At age 50, Phil just scored his personal best time of under 4:55, finishing with the pros with big sponsor money. He was elated. I’m in awe – over 50 and he’s doing his best ever.

If you ask how he did it, he’ll explain a very well-detailed training regimen along with the science behind the physiology and race strategy. He’ll give you a checklist of what he does. Then you get to decide if you want to pay the same price to produce your best ever.

“It’s not rocket science. You want to do it or you don’t,” I heard Phil say.

What a lead-in! In the last four years, almost 80 percent of our clients did their best-ever year in practice. For the new practices that’s easy to understand, but I’m talking about doctors in their 50s, 60s – even 70s.

I’m going to give you the checklist for producing your best ever in practice. Then it’s up to you. As Phil said, “It’s not rocket science. You want to do it or you don’t.”

I’ve got some great news for you: it’s a lot easier than an ironman triathlon.

Here’s to your best ever year in practice:

1.      Fall in love with the process: You know that real love is a choice, right? Make the choice to fall in love with the challenge, the growth, the skill acquisition, and the battle.

2.      Fall in love with your office call: You’re going to do a zillion of ‘em. Plan and map out an on-purpose, fun and clinically excellent few minutes of pure bliss “by design.” Train every patient to participate in THAT type of office call and if the patient refuses – refer them out to someone else.

3.      Fall in love with your report of findings: Do a great report of findings and patients will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Be so clear, so concise, so persuasive that you can hardly wait to do your ROF (and do it so well that patients will give you a standing ovation).

4.      Fall in love with your marketing: Doctors who know how to market get lots of new patients and do well in practice. Doctors who don’t struggle – for a lifetime. What’s the answer? Learn to market. Learn to build and maintain three internal and three external marketing programs simultaneously in your practice. Dedicate three to seven hours a week to being your own marketing director. THAT tip alone is worth $100,000 a year.

5.      Find and keep good people: Hire, train, develop and keep good people. Share your practice vision with your staff and train them how to work in cooperation with that vision. We have a phrase at Five Star that goes: “2 x 50 = $1,000,000.” That means 2 hours a week in training for 50 weeks a year will build a $1,000,000 practice.

6.      Go back to the basics: Every golf coach on the planet will tell you that if their students just practiced the basics they would all improve. What do you think the pros do? We need to sit with CA, colleague or coach and refresh, relearn and practice the scripts and procedures to tune and polish. Remember what worked, then do it again.

7.      Time everything: Not every time, but enough to really know how long you actually take to do everything in the office. I think some of you will be horrified. “NO, it didn’t take me that long. Did it?” Yes it did doctor and that’s why patients don’t want to schedule. Ask your CA. And speaking of CAs…

8.      Go to work for a sharp CA: Train a strong CA how an office should run then give her the whip. Learn phrases like “Where do I need to be next?” “What do you need from me?” and “Yes, Ma’am!” You’ll be in great shape in no time.

9.      Know your stats: If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. Record keepers are record breakers, so keep records. Measure NP, ROP, regular patients, services, receipts, PVA, OVA, CVA.

10.  Watch your money: You can’t save without a personal budget so start there. Be a penny pincher. Know your gross collections, your overhead, your AR. Know what happens to every penny you don’t collect and why.

11.  Watch Your Mouth: Make a decision to talk only about chiropractic philosophy. Praise your technique, patient testimonies, great patients and how much you love “right now.”

12.  Get out of your comfort zone: Not wanting to do something can be an excellent reason to do it. Your comfort zone wants you dead and buried!

13.  Create your own mastermind group to share your dreams and goals in safety: This consists of other successful DCs and business people as well as your coach.

IF you want to start with just one, or you have picked 3, 5 or all 13, find a good coach who will encourage you to give your best to get your best.

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