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The 13 Fatal Errors

The 13 Fatal Errors

graveyard1Most chiropractic associateships end badly – some continue on badly. I’m reminded of the chiropractic chart of spinal effects that had the words “Suffering Needlessly” across the top.

In my experience more fault lies with the clinic director for what he or she did or didn’t do. So it’s no surprise that when you correct those errors things typically work out much better. Over the next few weeks leading up to Win-Win Associates, I’m blogging on the 13 fatal errors that destroy even the best associate programs. Here we go!

Fatal Error #1: Failure to clarify your long term practice and personal goals.

You’ve heard the phrase “the blind leading the blind” many times. In associateships, when the clinic director does not have a clear sense of where they are going and why, that creates a leadership gap. In the absence of clear practice and personal goals the director’s movement and direction can falter.

Set practice and personal goals. It will give you direction to follow, a sense of purpose that’s admirable and give your associate confidence that they’ve made the right choice in picking you.

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