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The #1 Most Important Success Ingredient

The #1 Most Important Success Ingredient

Would you like to know the single most important ingredient in being successful at anything that I can name? Well in this next segment, I’m going to share exactly what it is.
I’ve had occasion to meet some wonderfully successful people Bill Gates was my neighbor, Gary Larson the artist that and cartoonists the did The Far Side lived two houses away from me. I met wonderfully successful chiropractors. People who are very, very successful athletes and the one thing that I have seen that makes the biggest difference in being a success it these people just do not give up. Its determination, it’s perseverance, It’s the willingness to continue to go and try even when all the signs may indicate to you that it’s time to give up and I’m going to talk to you about three components that I think are particularly important as far as determination is concerned in your pursuit of Chiropractic excellence and a next-level practice and I’ll do that in the next segment.

So, perceptions can be deceiving. We see somebody with a big practice, or we see somebody who gets lots and lots of new patients or we see somebody who does very well with associates, and we might think that these people are just naturals, anything they try works. It really doesn’t matter how they do it or where they do it, they’re just successful and I think that there might be some people like that. They might be some people that are so wonderfully talented and lucky and all those other factors that have nothing to do with hard work and perseverance, but that certainly isn’t me everything that I’ve ever accomplished has been accomplished as a result of hard work and a refusal to give up.
Now one of the things that I like to do in order to keep engaged is to be fascinated with the problem I’m trying to solve and never have a negative conversation with myself about that problem. Now if I start saying, well, you’re never going to get this and you’re not that smart and all the other things that I know aren’t true that could take me down emotionally and I would want to give up or I’d take a look at the project that I’m trying to solve and get depressed.

So, I try to stay fascinated. I also look for really smart people who are doing the same thing that I want to do, and I asked them what they’re doing. So, I keep infusing as much positive self-talk and as much positive energy from others who’ve done what I want to do into the equation. So that keeps me on path.
By the way, here’s the secret if you’re headed toward helping people, having fun, making money if you want to go from a single doctor to a multiple doctor office you hang with Five Star clients, you come to live trainings, you have great coffee break conversations with men and women who in the group are the best and brightest and what they will do is they will share and encourage you so you don’t want so that you don’t give up.

So I was teaching a group of associates, I had eight Associates in the AEP, The Associate Empowerment Project and I gave them three things to think about. We have a certain amount of talent. Now, that’s a gift we show up with that talent. We have a certain amount of drive, also a gift. If you have several kids, four kids, you’ve got four different temperaments and you’ve got your driven kid, but the third thing I asked the associates to think about was practice and practice is nothing that they have the most control over youth come with the talent that you have and by the way you have enough talent.

Number two, you come with the drive that you have. One of the things that really helps your drive is if you know that you’re not going to give up, and what do you mean by giving up? Well, if I stopped practicing, if I stop working on a script, if I stop trying to produce new patients internally and externally if I give up. So, this is my encouragement stay with the people who are headed in the direction that you want to go, tell yourself that you’re never ever going to give up and be that guy and that girl who hangs in there to get to the very very next level. You might be stuck. You’re just on the wrong side of the breakthrough, but it won’t be very long that you’ll be on the other side and then you’ll have all this pride and self-confidence that I can do this again.

And by the way, I think at 70, that’s one of the things I still look forward to in working, is that chance to push myself to chance to continue to be determined.
So that’s my encouragement for today. This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Don’t give up.
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