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Tap Into Great Energy

Tap Into Great Energy


Have you ever noticed that some people can have an absolutely great year and as soon as the new one shows up, they’re energized for the New Year? Well in this short video I’ll tell you how you can do that too.

So it’s been a lot of work at Five Star this year. I did a live Win-Win Associates in Atlanta, I did it in Orlando, I’ve been to Texas 3 times in the last 6-weeks, done Chicago and Seattle seminars teaching CDEP, AEP, frankly I’m glad to see a 4-day holiday here at Thanksgiving.

But you know what? It’s Friday after Turkey day and I’m already thinking about what my philosophy, my vision, and my goals will attack next. I’ve said this to so many different chiropractors; I have to wear this myself. If I say it fits you guys, it fits me too. If I have any trouble with my motivation, it’s philosophy, vision, and goals. I need to clear up my philosophy, I need to strengthen my vision, and I need to reset my goals.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m really looking forward to 2019 and be able to close out 2018 on a high note. Here’s my encouragement for all of us today. Go back to our philosophy.

Take the strongest 12 testimonies that you have from your practice, whether it’s on Google, or yelp, or whether they’re written testimonies and I want you to read those and go over those with your staff. Explain in light of your philosophy the miracles that you’ve seen in your practice, that’ll strengthen your philosophy not only for you, but for everybody.

Number two, take a look at the vision. The best 5 minutes in your practice, why only five? Well, it’s a manageable number. Maybe it’s that super, super busy afternoon in patient appreciation day or it’s that day that grandmother brought you her grandbaby and asked you to adjust her. This little girl who’s had some trouble and you adjusted that little girl, that moment in the practice. Or maybe it’s that moment that you heard a staff person who’d been struggling with her scripts handle a patient beautifully just according to protocol. Or it’s the way that you saw your associate step up and be the man or be the women that you’d always hoped they’d be or it’s that time your staff just shooed you out of the office to go to your vacation and said, “we’ve got it, we’ve got it handled.”

Refresh your vision and reset your goals. What you are capable of, what your team is capable of, what your staff is capable of, what your associates are capable of is so much more if the philosophy is strong, the vision is clear and the goals are clear.

2019 can be an absolutely smashing, brilliant, wonderful, killer year and I want you to look forward to it like it’s a present waiting to be unwrapped. That’s the way I’m taking a look at Five Star. This next year, 2019, I’ll be 70 years old. I’m very, very close to 50 years in chiropractic. Those landmarks mean a lot to me and so I’m looking to do my best work ever for Five Star Management and for my clients and as a chiropractor who’s now called to disciple other chiropractors to do their best work.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd encouraging you to remember your philosophy, refresh your vision and reset those goals. I know that stuff works. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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