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The Secret to Success

A simple yet extremely effective action you can take now to ensure success in not just your practice, but whatever you are working toward in life. Listen in and start taking steps toward success today.


Consistency Made Fun and Easy!

Staff training can seem difficult and often times we find ourselves not following through if we have a little setback. Well, it’s time to be consistent with your training because it’ll make a difference in reaching your goals. Implement these 3 simple tricks and staff training will start to be fun AND easy!


How to pick the right associate

Don’t fall into the interview trap and hire the wrong individual for your practice. Ensure that you will hire someone who will not only fit in philosophically and technically, but also one that will work well with your team and contribute to the goals of your practice. Prepare for the Win Win Associate LIVE training and listen in to how you can pick the best associate for you and your practice!


From Almost Quitting to a $1M Practice!

Do you feel so stuck and defeated that you’ve thought about quitting? Well, you’re not alone. So many chiropractors have felt exactly what you’re feeling, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how Dr. Schels turned his career around and fell back in love with chiropractic!

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