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Stop Asking for Opinions, Do This Instead.

Stop Asking for Opinions, Do This Instead.


Hey everyone, it’s Dr. George Birnbach and I want you to stop asking people’s opinions.

You see, there’s a big difference between getting information, following “Can I have your opinion on this?” and the information you get when you said, “Can I have your advice on something?” People love to give advice and they get invested.

If you ever wanna ask someone for input about an idea, that you have, don’t ask for their opinion, just ask for their advice. The differential phrasing might seem minor but Robert Cialdini in his book, “Pre-Suasion” who if you don’t know Robert Cialdini, he’s very famous in the world of persuasion and influence, in psychology, he works over at the University of Arizona, but Robert Cialdini said that asking for advice can have a significant positive impact in getting other people to provide you feedback, as well as getting them to want to work with you on that idea. In other words, they’re willing to put in mental labor, sometimes actual labor, to help you move a project forward, following you asking them for their advice. Why is that? Because when you ask someone for their advice, this puts them in a togetherness state of mind. They wanna see their ideas succeed. Thus, they support you. And that helps increase that person’s desire to support whatever it is that you’re asking them for advice on.

Now, asking for their opinion, on the other hand just puts the other person in the introspection mindset, “How do I feel about this?” Which makes them focus on themselves, not you or your idea. All right? So whenever you’re seeking input from others, ask for their advice. Whether it’s staff, patients, coworkers or if you’re going into a bank and asking for a loan. “Hey, what’s the best way to approach this? “What am I missing? “What would your advice be to me?” Is a great question.

All right? So forget everyone’s opinion and go for their advice. You’ll get better results. Bye-bye.

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