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Simple Three Step Plan for Better Leadership

Simple Three Step Plan for Better Leadership

Hey Doc, have you ever wanted to be a better leader? You want to be the type of leader that inspires confidence in the team, so that the team gets behind you and helps you help more people, have more fun, make more money. Well, this short video I’m going to give you a simple three-step process that will make you a better leader.
So, here’s the setup- I was talking to a doctor not long ago about leadership. He asked me a question, he says, you know, I have trouble with leadership. I don’t know that I Inspire confidence in my team. I don’t know where I’m leading them and I said well, let me help you with this and let’s make it as simple as possible and I’m going to give you a three-part plan today that will make leadership much much more simple for you.

Number one, we need to have a vision of where we’re going to lead people and that’s what we want our practice to look like. So, here’s what I would do, I want you to write a one-page story about the practice of your dreams, what it sounds like, what it looks like, what the colors are, what the temperature is, how many patient visits you’re seeing, how many people in reception, how the team is presenting to your patients, what the uniforms look like, the sounds from the adjusting area and you write this story and you’ll say well Noel my practice really doesn’t look like that, that’s where we’re headed and without an understanding of where we’re headed, we’re in trouble. How can you find something if you don’t know what it looks like? So, doctor it needs to be crystal clear here so you can feel it in your heart and then understand it on a gut level. So, I’m going to write out my vision and I’m going to share it with my team now, they cannot follow you unless they know where you’re going. So that’s part number one is write out that vision.

Part number two- I want you to get five patient testimonies and what I want you to do is share those testimonies with your team. Well, my team already knows those, refresh their memory on those testimonies. I used to have a testimony book on my office desk when I was in practice and I would frequently go and open that book and I would take a look at those testimonies. I had my 12 top testimonies in there and you know what I was really surprised at how much I could forget, the chiropractor taken care of people how much I could forget. So, I want you to refresh the team’s memory on those patients that you’re taking care of.

So, the picture of where we’re going is your vision. The picture of why we’re going there is the patients. Chiropractic never looks better than when it’s lived out in the lives of our patients and it’s one of the things that CAs want their doctors to be very, very concerned with is how the patient turns out, so show your team that where you’re leading them is for a good and worthy and noble cause and then number three, I just want you to practice the best practices in order to create the best day in practice.
Here’s what I mean, take your team through day one, take them from receiving the phone call from the patient and they go in the scheduler, take them through the patient walks into the office, what do we say, how do we greet the patient, role play an entire day one, with what in mind? This is our vision, this is what we want the practice to look like, with what else in mind? These are the people that we serve, and these are the results that we’re looking to get. So, how do we do our day one? Then at another time practice day one to then on another time take them through some other process like handling objections.

So, what does a leader do? A leader takes a team from where they are to where he believes that they should be, and a smart leader shares the vision and shares the purpose and then takes people through the actual practice of becoming that vision. That’s what real leadership does, you know Chiropractic deserves that, it deserves our best leadership.
So, use that three-step plan vision first, patients second, best practices or systems or procedures number third and you’ll be leader, I promise.
This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, and I know this stuff works.

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