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Short Cut the Curve

Short Cut the Curve


Hey everybody, this is Dr. George Birnbach and for the next ten seconds I want you to think about every big new idea or significant accomplishment that you’ve had in just the last five years of your life. Ready? Go. Ten seconds.

All right. Now I want you to ask yourself, did I have to wait all that time to learn all those insightful ideas and enjoy those big breakthroughs? The answer is probably not. You see, I think about this concept all the time. I’ve accepted and implemented new ideas that have significantly made my own life better. And when that happens, whenever that happens, the only thing I can think about is why did it take me so long to learn those ideas?

Whether it’s speaking or business or health, I could have made breakthroughs faster, if I was just open to these breakthroughs as the naturally occurring outcomes of my thought, my efforts or my attention. But the problem was, I didn’t begin with those outcomes in mind. You know, looking back, I realized that I was just to slow of a learner. Because I wasn’t curious enough about the process. Most people just spend most of their time trying to figure things out on their own. And they to these things in a way in which they’re comfortable. Not too much risk to themselves. But you can achieve in six months, what it takes most people five or even ten years to accomplish, if you’re willing to cut the learning curve. And to cut the learning curve, and minimize the number of mistakes that you’re going to make, you need to do just three things.

First, develop a decision making process. Two, read a lot and find parallels to your own world and three, have an accountability buddy, who you can trust on your side. And this means not competing with your accountability partner. Never competing with your accountability partner.

You have to be on the same side at all times. These three things will cut your learning curve by months, years, even decades in your career. But understand, whatever your goals are in your life, there are two ways of achieving them. There’s the long conventional path and there’s the shorter, less conventional path.

The long conventional path is the result of not being someone who actively seeks out new ideas, has a trusted set of ears to sift through the emotions of the decisions and someone who trusts their decision process. This is critical. If you make a decision, that you’re unhappy with, you can pivot to a new decision quickly, if you trust your process. The long conventional path is what happens, when you think you don’t have to follow these rules. And so you buy into this idea, that success and progress takes time.

If you set out on a path, like other people in your profession, you’ll find yourself enduring five, ten, even twenty years to earn this happiness. And this is the penalty of not short cutting the system and thus you have to learn everything the hard way. This penalty of trying to do everything through trial and error, is that you will have to achieve everything that you’re capable of achieving twenty times slower than you need to. So save yourself the time and effort and remember what Socrates once said: “Employ your time in improving yourself, “by other men’s writings, so that you shall easily “gain what others have labored hard for.” And then add my two other steps.

Trust your decision making process and have someone on your side who you trust at all times. Now, go quit wasting your days and let’s accomplish some of your five year goals this year.

All right? My name is Dr. George Birnbach. I look forward to hearing about your success. Give me a comment, tell me what you think and I talk to you all real soon.

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