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Here’s How You Can Have Your BEST Year Ever – All While Helping More People, Having More Fun, Making More Money and Enjoying Way Less Stress, Using a PROVEN System That’s Succeeded for More Than 4,000 Chiropractors Over The Past 32 Years….


Your FREE Strategy Session will help you find your biggest opportunities and your biggest challenges...


Dr. Noel Lloyd has been coaching chiropractors to peak performance through Five Star Management for over 30 years. His nearly 50 years of personal practice experience building his 10 successful clinics and Win-Win Associate System has made him a sought after coach, mentor and teacher.

Dr. George Birnbach has been with Five Star Management for over a decade working with chiropractors that are looking to grow their practices by implementing systems for marketing, management, and team development through win-win relationships.

Phyllis Frase-Charrette has over 20 years experience in chiropractic as a top CA, excellent CA teacher, practice management consultant and valued member of the Parker University Team.

Together Noel, George and Phyllis deliver a powerful chiropractic and personal development message.

Your Five Star

Management Program Includes:



World-class, experienced coaches who are also Chiropractors (with a combined experience of more than six decades) work with you to take you through the process step-by-step.



Access 5 Live trainings a year on hot topics that will launch your practice to the next level PLUS Session Workshops with other like-minded Doctors AND access to the entire digital library of Five Star Training material.



You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Access proven step-by-step instructions for making your practice more efficient in easy to read and implement training modules that will keep you moving and motivated!

  • Magnetically Attract More Patients
  • Find, Hire and Keep Empowered Associates
  • Experience LESS Stress
  • Dramatically Increase Patient Retention
  • Make MORE Money

Our Average Five Star Management Client Increases Their Income By Over $100,000 In Their First Year

DR. NOEL LLOYD - Founder Of Five Star Management

From 0 to 185 a Week in 90 Days

“When we met, I was an independent contractor earning a percentage with the doc that had just informed me that I had 30 days to get out of the practice. I had a pregnant wife who was working waiting tables at 9 months pregnant.  I didn't have a place to practice and I needed some help. I called you and signed up. 

90 days into it I actually saw 182 patients just 90 days after joining and I remember that was a big celebration point for us.

Today, with Noel's associate training, I have a strong multi-doctor clinic where we help a lot more people and are collecting excellent money.”


A Million Dollar Practice, A Great Partner, AND Profitable Associates

“I first encountered Five Star when I was an associate where my clinic director used Dr. Lloyd's associate development system to help me. The whole system worked so well that when it was time for me to hire my own associates, I called Five Star. 

To no one's surprise, I got great advice on developing my own associate. He did so well we became business partners in the practice. Now we both work on developing other associates.

What I learned at Five Star has allowed me to grow my practice beyond what I'd thought possible and have lots of time to spend with my family.”


I Got My Associate, Had My Baby, Took My Maternity Leave, And My Practice Actually Grew!

“I had a great practice as a solo doctor and I loved it, but felt there was something missing. The most important thing was I wanted to have children and I felt I couldn't take time away from the clinic.

How was I ever going to be pregnant, have a baby, and take maternity leave? How was I going to balance family life and practice? I love chiropractic and I love my family and I wanted to have kids, so how do I do both?

So I called Noel and we did a strategy session where he outlined how he'd help me. I had also heard good things about Noel and Five Star from a good friend as well as other Five Star clients.

I'd coached with two other management companies at that point, but they weren't able to provide associates. And I knew Noel was the guru when it came to associates, and I really wanted to use his Win-Win Associate model. I was actually an associate and it didn't work out the best.

Because of what I learned from Five Star, I got my associate, had my baby, took my maternity leave, and my practice actually grew - even with me out for over 12 weeks. Then I did it again! Thank you Noel and Five Star.”


Here’s How You Get Started.

Choose a Plan THAT SuitS You

One-­on-­one coaching with world-­class experts:
Drs. Lloyd and Birnbach have over 6 decades of super successful coaching experience between them and they are ready to help you.
Strategic Live Seminars: Taught in both Chicago and Seattle, each seminar has a stand-alone topic that will launch your practice to the next level. $6,000
Five Star System, Procedure & Program Notes: Over 1,000 pages of detailed step-by-step instruction in easy to read and implement training modules that will keep you moving and motivated! $2,950
Success Session Workshops: Work side-by-side with like-minded doctors and staff on interesting and fun success assignments for your practice challenges and opportunities. $995
Special Interest Groups (SIG) on hot topics: Special Webinar Teams that tackle special projects in live interactive web training events with interest. $995
Live CA Training: CA’s learn next to their doctor in motivating and informative breakout training sessions that focus on building your practice. $5,495
Digital Library of all Five Star Training Material: Lectures, webinars, audios, videos, slides, notes and more. All available as downloads or streaming videos. $3,950
Five Star Training Videos: Watch videos of webinars and live seminars and train on your own schedule. $1,950
Associate and CA Training webinars: Live and recorded webinar workshops for Associates and CA’s. Use Five Star webinars to lead your associates and CA’s just by logging in. $3,995
Five Star forms online, PLUS other downloads: “That’s a great form! Do you have it as an editable download?” YES we do! You can download, customize and tweak our forms to custom fit your practice. $1,000
Client Resource Info Center: Find out the latest Five Star Client and Five Star VIP information PLUS tap into motivation and training for the whole staff. $495
TOTAL VALUE $43,725 $43,725
TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS $29,325 $34,125

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How Associate-Ready is Your Practice?

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