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Servant Leadership Amps Retention

Servant Leadership Amps Retention


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach and you’ve heard me speak before about the no bystander rule. And the no bystander rule means everyone in our clinic has a responsibility to the grand vision of the clinic, to the production targets of the clinic, but also to their individual roles. It also goes a little bit beyond that, where you have a responsibility to take care of the leadership and the leadership has a responsibility to take care of the staff. And in leadership modeling, we call this the servant mindset. You see, if we just look at that archetype, the servant supports the leaders, it supports the team around them. It supports even the individual, him or herself, and in healthy organizations, the servant mindset is pervasive.

You see it, everyone serves everyone regardless of role in the clinic and serving the leadership means if you can make something easier for the clinic owners, something that will make their jobs easier, you could do that because it allows them to free up their mind towards the higher priorities that they can provide. And from the leadership model, serving the staff, serving the team, looking for ways to make their job easier means lifting them up to greater success. And they will bond stronger to the clinic because of it. Serving the team doesn’t have to end at the office either. If you help people beyond the workplace with a book suggestion, a marketing suggestion. You see this all helps create individual experiences, not just for the staff, but for patients too, because we can put the patients at the center of almost any of these conversations. And serving that patient benefits that clinic. And it also makes you feel really good about yourself.

So serving yourself, making sure you’re taken care of, making sure your environment is set up for success. Also gives you a mindful state that enables you to be very efficient and effective in your role. And that’s a pretty powerful place to be. Just remember that the servant mindset is not a submissive mindset. It’s actually an empowerment mindset, and it’s not just about creating a better organization. It’s about creating a better culture, a better practice because of that culture. That’s where retention really flows from.

Now, as a servant leader, the servant mindset in your own self, you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. And that way you’ll be able to appreciate other people’s abilities and contributions. The mindset allows you to embrace humility. It allows you to embrace insightfulness. And it allows you to become more useful in every part of your job. So, people will start to see you more as human with emotions, with strengths, with some weaknesses, but that is bonding in and of itself between you and the patients. You know, how many people buy from a logo? Very few. People buy from people. People refer to people.

People trust people. And this servant mindset will humanize you in everything you do and help you take small actions each and every day to support the clinic owners, the staff team, your patients, and even yourself, all right. So take this information, go have fun with it. And I’ll talk to y’all real soon. Bye-bye.

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