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Secrets to Better Retention

Secrets to Better Retention


Hey everybody, my name is Dr. George Birnbach and we’re coming to you for Five Star Management and I had a conversation the other day with a friend of mine, he runs this worldwide network club and he’s a very successful man, and I asked him why he decided to start what he was trying to do and he said because when you’re making connections with people, often times, what people are doing is they’re just trying to see what your value is in their life because they’re trying to accomplish something.

So, what he decided to do was grab a group of 10 to 12 people who are always trying to-who are all trying to achieve something for themselves and put them all at the same dinner table and then what he did was he facilitated the relationship and facilitated the conversation of how can the group, connecting over this dinner, help move their messages forward? What ideas from the collective would help people move forward? And that got me thinking about dinner with docs and it got me thinking about in office talks and lunch and learns and massage events and all of the things that we do as chiropractic offices to move our message forward.

And so, this is what I would like to think about, right? What if, not like a focus group where we got together a group of patients to talk about us or our message or our point, what if we got a group of patients together and we listen to what they were trying to get out of chiropractic. What were they trying to get as health in their lives? What did they want to see for their diet, their chiropractic, their structure, their fitness? And is there a way to utilize that group to build a ‘Pay It Forward’ type of referral program? You see when we’re connecting, often it’s connecting between you and I, but what I want to do in a group like this is to hear what you’re trying to accomplish in your life, that will spike our retention for sure.
But I also want to be able to share with you why we are building our clinic in the way that we’re building because now I’m going to give you, the listener, the patient, the person in this dinner, I’m going to be giving you my vision that you may be able to turn around and leverage to connect with someone else.

I think that that’s really important to start thinking about, remember when we’re connecting it’s usually you and I and what I want to do is get my message to connect with something in the future so you can turn it outward, because that’s how we create a movement.

All right? Simple thoughts for this morning. My name is Dr. George Birnbach with Five Star Management. I look forward to hearing about your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. Just go ahead send me a message and I’ll make sure you get an answer to each and every one.
All right, I’ll talk to you soon, bye bye.

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