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Communication Secrets of Super Successful Chiropractors

Communication Secrets of Super Successful Chiropractors


Would you like to know the most winning conversation pattern I’ve ever seen between coach and client and how you can talk that way as well so that you can help more people, have more fun and make more money? Well, in this short video, I’ll share with you exactly what you need to do.

Hey, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and over a period of 30 plus years I have coached literally thousands and thousands of chiropractors, accidentally at first, then on purpose. I would track the top 12 producers every year and I noticed that they were not only helping more people, having more fun, making more money, building larger practices, but there was a similar communication and there were similar attitudes.

The people that got the most out of Five Star, that got the most out of their coaching, that got the most out of their practice, that got the most out of their team, had a conversation pattern that was similar now. I’m going to share that pattern with you so that you can adapt it and get the success that they got.

Let me share this successful conversation pattern, when I would get together with my clients either in person or on the phone, I would notice that the first thing out of their mouth was a discussion of their wins, even when the wins weren’t massive, that was the first thing that they would go to is where they are winning.

I thought well, that’s kind of interesting. Everybody talks about their wins, first. The second thing that they would talk about is based on that win. I’m going to take that energy, that success and I’m going to parlay that into this next thing, what I would call the near-term goal and then they would start to enumerate the action steps that they were going to take in order to take that energy and get that near-term goal after that.

They would start to ask me questions about what do you think about my steps or what do you think, am I omitting anything here?

We would have this little Exchange. Now frequently, that would be the whole conversation. Here’s where I’m winning, here’s my near-term goals, here are my action steps. What do you think about my action steps? And we would have this conversation about that. Winning chiropractors top 12 frequently communicating the same way call after call after call now sometimes, people who are pushing are going to run into problems. They’re going to run into what I call action blocks.

So those, seldom, if ever, came up first because wins were the first focus. But, they would eventually come up but they would come up about number five in the agenda and then finally, the successful chiropractor who’s helping more people, having more fun, getting more financially successful, that chiropractor would say, you know, if it is to be it’s up to me, or you know, the whole thing is an adventure, some type of affirmation that started a positive conversations with win and end that conversation with a positive statement of affirmation.

Now strangely enough, that’s exactly the agenda that in your Five Star Management call sheet. The top of the call sheet is what I call the instrument panel, it tells me what’s happening in the practice in terms of new patients, regular visits, production collections, PVA, all those statistics. Literally 19 different numbers underneath the instrument panel is that pattern of conversation.

You see what I learned is that I could teach chiropractors how to communicate like my most successful 12 clients and I’ll be darned if there weren’t more. There’s also a pattern that I want you to watch out for, it’s one that holds chiropractors back.

Somebody said to me the other day, they said well, I’m just… I need some more clarity before I can take that action step. And here’s what I told them; the desire for clarity, is fear masquerading as curiosity, just do it.
Well, I don’t have all the information I need. You’ve got all the information you need in order to take the first step. Just take that first step.
What I was able to do with this particular doctor was to push them into their first step and then our conversation after that.

They told me that clarity came with action. So, listen carefully to this principle; that need for clarity, more information, is fear masquerading as curiosity. Just do the first thing you can. Just take the first step.
Well, I feel a little reticent, a little reluctant, I need more information. See, that’s fear masquerading as curiosity.

I need more information. No, you don’t. You need more action. So, if you start with your wins, go to your near-term goals, then your action steps and then we exchange information. We pow wow back and forth over what’s happening and then if we need to talk about an action block, we can but we need to also end with an affirmation, and don’t be fooled, if you feel reluctant, you don’t know what to do, do that first thing.

Take that first step, because clarity comes with action. Clarity comes with action. You don’t need more information, you need to act.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Here’s to you being the most successful Five Star Management client I’ve ever had.
Talk to you later. Bye Bye.

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