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Secret Brain Hack for Winning

Secret Brain Hack for Winning


Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret formula for how you use your brain so that you can think in a more successful way? Well, there is and in this short video I’m going to tell you exactly what I saw yesterday and how you can do the same.
So yesterday we did a Galaxy check in call and these are all
Five Star Management all-stars, high producers, people who want a next-level experience.
We do a zoom check-in, so the computer screen is full of all these smiling faces and we talk about three things. We talk about winning, we talk about working, and we talked about wonder. So, here’s where we’re winning, here’s what we’re working on that we’re having fun with and here’s what I wonder in other words, I’ve got a question and so people the group will help with that question and it was interesting every single man, every single woman had gobs and gobs of wins. There were great wins. Now the presupposes that you’re in the game, but people who are winning focus on their wins. Well, Noel, how about the people who are losing are they focusing on their wins?

Well, you can get thrown for a loss. You can have a particular program that will fail or blow up on you. You might have a hire that doesn’t work out or you might have a marketing thing, that doesn’t work out, but if you focus on that, if you let it occupy your attention, you just get more of that the only thing you look at that failure, that difficulty, that problem for is to learn enough and then not repeat it.

You do not want to make that problem a shrine. You make your wins the topic of conversation you verbalize, you visualize, you work on your wins. So, it is a temperament thing in part, but for me, it has become a skill set.

Now number two, we talked about what’s working excitement that I get from my wins, I focus on my next project and it was really interesting all the things that people are doing, adding new associates, new team members, new systems inside the office. So, everybody’s engaged where did they get the energy to do that? They got it from focusing on their wins. So, this is my challenge to you-
If there are 12 things that happen to you in a day and nine of them are negative and three of them are positive, do not allow the negative majority to overrule the positive few.
It’s interesting as chiropractors, we could take care of sixty, eighty, a hundred people in a day and the temptation is to think about the two or three patients that are doing as well as we’d like them to. We let all the positive energy slip away and we focus on the negative. Well, I’m going to tell you that if you had a terrible day and you’ve had nine things out of 12 go badly that your responsibility, your exercise, your best strategy is to focus on where you’re winning.

So, if I have a seven-year-old that I’m coaching in t-ball, and I’ve done that, or baseball and I watch a play in the field or an at-bat that didn’t go exactly like they wanted it to go. I’m going to focus on, you got to that ball, you were there right away. ‘Yeah Dad, but I didn’t pick it up fast enough on a didn’t throw it to first’, ‘but you know what you got there, and you had that ball in your…’ I’m going to focus in on the winds. Well, Noel I’m not seven years old and I don’t need to be treated that way.

You know what all of us, on some emotional level are that little kid at 7 and if somebody helps us and focuses in on our wins, that means if you focus in on your wins, or if you focus in on the wins of a team member you become their ally you become the person that helps them and support them coming up to that next level.

So back to my Galaxy call, I’ve got all these doctors who are breaking records and it’s interesting. Somebody is, one of our doctors was down a doc. The office used to run on three now runs on one, excuse me runs on two, and every single month this year was the best ever month. Can you believe that? Now they’ve just had another doc.

Other doctors were out on vacation while their team was breaking new patient records. One hundred and thirty-five new patients in the month.
Other people were doing all kinds of wild and crazy things, partially, because this group focuses first on wins and lets the win produce the energy, and the momentum, and the excitement.
So that’s my encouragement for you. What’s the action Step? What’s the takeaway? Have a conversation with yourself about what your wins are, have a conversation with your team about what your wins are; Patients getting better, collecting a particular account, a way a patient was handled, just focus on those wins and you’ll get the energy to fix the other stuff.

This is Doctor Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, and I know that works.

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