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Noel Lloyd: Hi!

Valerie Telasco: Hi!

Noel Lloyd: So tell me what your name is?

Valerie Telasco: My name is Dr. Valerie Telasco

Noel Lloyd: And Dr. Val, you have been a Chiropractor for how many months now?

Valerie Telasco: About 14 months.

Noel Lloyd: About 14 months?

Valerie Telasco: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: Great, great and you’ve just recently been in a brand new practice, am I correct?

Valerie Telasco: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: And how long have you worked there?

Valerie Telasco: Only 3 months.

Noel Lloyd: 3 months?

Valerie Telasco: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: Now you and I met doing something that we call the what?

Valerie Telasco: The AEP.

Noel Lloyd: The AEP and that stands for the Associate Empowerment Project, right?

Valerie Telasco: Yes, Associate Empowerment Project.

Noel Lloyd: And so, explain it to me. The people who are listening to us want to know what do we do in the Associate Empowerment Project?

Valerie Telasco: It is an amazing program. You coach us and structure us through different steps, different scripts, how to generate new patients, how to talk to them, the different steps we have to take to talk to them really.

Noel Lloyd: And what do we learn how to do in the AEP?

Valerie Telasco: We learn how to affectively apply your systems. The scripts, how to talk to patients, how to generate new patients, and umm, I’m a little nervous, I’m sorry.

Noel Lloyd: You’re doing just great! By the way, I know and you know that this is all off the cuff, and I didn’t give you any warning, and you’re giving me great answers. What was your best week of new patients that you produced in one week?

Valerie Telasco: In one week, 17 new patients.

Noel Lloyd: And that’s you producing those? That wasn’t given to you by your doctor?

Valerie Telasco: No.

Noel Lloyd: Okay. You had to go out into the community and establish relationships and do new patient procedures. Am I right?

Valerie Telasco: Yes, absolutely.

Noel Lloyd: And then you built a practice next to your clinic directors practice and then in 8-weeks in the AEP, how big did that practice get?

Valerie Telasco: It grew from 0 to 47 patient visits a week.

Noel Lloyd: And that happened in how many weeks?

Valerie Telasco: In 8 weeks.

Noel Lloyd: 8 weeks?

Valerie Telasco: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: So, now I was tough on you wasn’t I?

Valerie Telasco: Yes, you were.

Noel Lloyd: Okay and I pushed you hard?

Valerie Telasco: You did, but it was a good push.

Noel Lloyd: Okay, so somebody is listening to this and they are thinking about if they should have their associate in the AEP or if the associate is watching this and wondering if they want to do the AEP, what would you tell me to tell them? What should I tell them?

Valerie Telasco: I’d say it’s an amazing program. Honestly, it’s most definitely worth it. Whatever the potential the associate might have, you pretty much just catapult out and help them express, and help them be to the fullest potential really, to grow their practice and to be the best chiropractor that they can be.


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