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Retention Mastery

Retention Mastery




Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in preparation for our seminar, our live training on Patient Retention; we’re going to talk about patient mastery.

Now, I love checklists. I’m a pilot; pilot’s literally live and die by checklists. You check to make sure that everything you need to do, in order to stay alive while flying an airplane, is done. Let’s check to make sure that everything we do in our office in order to have good patient retention is done as well.

Today, we’re going to talk about Day One. Now, number one on Day One. Are you prepared and proud? Do you have a procedure that when you know a patient is going to experience that day one with you, that you’re proud of it?

Here’s how you do that. You take your scripts, you take your steps, you take your staff, and you do what would be called a dress rehearsal. You have a massage therapist, or a spouse, or a friend come in and play the part of a patient and you take them through your procedure and you work the bugs out so you can be prepared and proud.

Number two, your office appearance. Have a critical friend come in and take a look at what your office looks like. It doesn’t need to be expensive but it needs to be clean, upbeat, great energy.

Number three, staff greeting. Now there’s an interesting thing happening in conventional medicine today. All of these small clinics are being bought up by large corporations and large corporations know how to run businesses. So, if you go see your medical doctor today, you’ll get an email asking you about your experience. They’re working on costumer service.

Are we working on being a friendly, costumer service oriented office? You need to have a staff greeting that’s impressive and that let’s the patient know they’re in the right place.

Number four, you’re pre-consultation statement; patients coming in meeting you for the very first time. You have the opportunity to frame the relationship with you as the leader and them as the follower. You have the opportunity to frame the journey ahead in a way that the patient loves to hear it. Make sure you have a good pre-consultation statement.

Number five, consultation. To be able to do your history in such a way that educates the patient as well as creates good rapport, and gets good clinical data. For instance you might say, “Now pressure on nerves in the mid-spine could cause lung difficult or could cause stomach difficulty. Have you got any lung difficulty or lung difficult or pain in the mid-spine?”

See that way of taking the history actually puts the pieces together and starts to plant seeds for the patient to let them know what chiropractic can do other than just back pain or headache.

Number six, your examination. A confident examination that is well done inspires confidence in the patient and so is your examination up to snuff?

Number seven, X-rays or other scans. You might do an EMG scan or an SMEG scan or take X-rays in order to be able to find out where the problem is and to be able to educate the patient and be able to do good chiropractic care.

Number eight, Day One financial arrangements. You need financial arrangements that let the patient know there will be a commitment and we do need to pay. That’s important if you have a real big marketing practice where you bring people in for a free consult and free examination, but it’s also affordable. So, your Day One financial arrangements.

Number nine, an informative release. I like to give the patient a home care sheet, which starts them on their care plan before they get adjusted, so I’m going to send them home with informative release documents.

Now, I’ve got a great seminar, live training coming up. In fact you can see the button right over there on the other side of the website that will show you how to register. It’s our patient retention intensive, only $49 per person. Bring the whole team! Couple doctors, three staff people, still under $300.

You’ll get 200+ pages of notes, you’ll get 4 great speakers, we’ve got live CA training, and it’s a great opportunity to work on your retention.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd hoping that your retention is as good as you’d like it to be. Come work on your retention with us because we know that builds a great practice!





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