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Record Year

Record Year

I met with Dr. Paul last night for our usual Monday night dinner/meeting. Paul has worked with me as an associate at Sound Chiropractic for 2.5 years. I had made a decision regarding what we would talk about before he arrived. After he finished his NPOC he showed up with a notebook and Five Star notes. Typically we would take apart some part of the practice and work on it, but tonight would be different.

We both ordered and I was waiting for an IPA and Paul a pot of green tea. That’s when I started in: “This is a great year for you and the practice, Paul.” He agreed wholeheartedly. Slowly at first and listening to his response, I enumerated his wins and one practice record after another. This was his best ever year in practice and he was making more money than he ever had — over twice what the average associate makes. We talked about his new car, upcoming vacation and the changes in the man. We both knew that every observation was true. It was like counting the money after a big win at poker night, but far better.

The practice had grown as well. It’s no accident that the man and the practice both were setting records. Is this the biggest practice I’ve ever had? No, but this is the biggest this practice has ever been and every “best-ever” is a treat to me. In virtually every area there has been 20 percent-plus growth. We are on an excellent track to make 2011 an even better year and by 20 percent at least. Every week at the office meeting we take what we call a field trip to the stat board and celebrate the record wins.

Of course all this has a price, but the training, the marketing, the problem solving and all the just plain hard work has made Paul’s personal growth and the practice’s professional growth an enjoyable project. It looks nothing like automatic pilot. That’s a phrase people use when they hate the process and want to get away from the building. Paul and I communicate every day. Mainly by text or email, but many days by phone and two times a week in clinical and office training.

Over about 70 minutes the conversation went from wins and growth to the future and how much fun next year will be. More details about a couple projects came up, but only by accident and as we left I shook his hand and said good-bye. He’s a good guy, a hard worker, living a very successful life and someday soon will be a clinic owner. His growth and success is one reason I like my work.

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